Meet Scarlett


Hello and welcome! It’s so nice to have you on board!

I’m Princess Ubong but you can call me Scarlett! Thankfully I’m not the owner of this blog, God is THE OWNER and I’m just the steward here, doing the master’s work. Hallelujah!!!

I absolutely love writing, it’s honestly my best way of pouring out my heart and expressing myself. I live partially at home with my amazing family and partially at school where i’m studying to get my bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. 

I’m honestly a very simple person. I enjoy eating while watching movies and i love to watch Indian TV shows with my mom in the evenings.  I LOVE pastries and I’ll never get tired of cakes and biscuits!

I am a reader and lover of Christian literature. I am very quiet and reserved- something people tend to mistake all the time for shyness. 

I am very emotional too and i tear up (or weep sometimes) when i watch any kind of movie, even action movies. I’m not even kidding!!! It breaks my heart to see people being treated unkindly, being looked down on or rejected!

My mind wanders A LOT! I’m a bit of a scatterbrain at times and so i apologize if you see me on the road and I don’t say hi immediately. I promise my mind just wasn’t there and if you say hi, i’ll snap back to reality and greet you warmly!

There are so many ways to introduce myself but I’ll stick with Princess, the one whom Jesus loves. He is life to me. That’s my identity, my core and I carry it proudly wherever I go.  You know who else carries that identity?


I have fallen irrevocably in love with Jesus and it is my desire and prayer that you do too. 

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