The Blessedness of Having Nothing

  • Last week, my dad woke me up early to do something for him with my laptop. It was then I realized that my laptop was faulty.

Tears began to stream down my face immediately, how could this happen? I woke my brother up at once to check it out. He confirmed it and I cried some more. He got irritated with my tears but that did not stop me from crying.

I got this laptop after much prayers. I used to say then that it was my most important belonging, it was that precious to me. I even named it ‘Tammy’ and trust me, the name has an even deeper meaning to it but that’s not even my point now…

I cherished Tammy so much because I knew what it took before I got it. Entering into Uni, there was not enough money for me to get a really good laptop and so what I had was an old model HP but I loved it anyway. I nurtured it and cared for it but then what did it give me in return? Pain and frustration! Yes, I suffered so much under that laptop and it made me cry so much (if you’re reading this, you must have realized by now that I have more tears in my tear gland than the average human being and this is not an exaggeration, I tell you!)

That laptop was such an ingrate, it would go off on me at the worst times and come on later just to taunt me, not to mention the amount of money I spent repairing one thing or the other. I remember once, my friend and I did our assignments separately on the laptop and we were to submit by midnight. Only for it to go off before then. You won’t believe but I had to do those assignments again, but that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is that it came back on right before submission. This is only just a drop in the ocean of the atrocities that laptop committed but of course I digress.

So imagine the joy I had when Tammy came along. It was literally a new start for me. I’m not even the most careful and organized person in the world, but I cared for this laptop with all my heart and I can boldly say that anyone that knows me, especially my family and friends would testify to that.


All my writings, both complete and incomplete are on the laptop. So can you imagine how I felt when Tammy died on me?

Lessons From A Book

I wanted to go online and pour out my heart to a friend, but then the Holy Spirit stopped me and reminded me, ‘it’s the throne before the phone’. As He would have it, I had a prayer meeting that same time and so I tuned in and I was about to whine to God when I stopped in my tracks and took a detour. The Holy Spirit reminded me about the book I was reading yesterday- The Pursuit of God by A. W Tozer.

The chapter I was reading the day before (which was where I derived the title of this post by the way) was so powerful. I realized that this was a practical moment for me to establish what I learnt and I soon understood perfectly what Tozer said.

My Spiritual Father says that if loosing something material shatters you, then it had a throne in your heart. I had to admit that I have been totally dependent on Tammy and I felt like I could not do without it but that was wrong and so I repented from giving something material so much power in my life. Then I asked Him to help me dethrone it from my heart.

Something happened…

I felt that heaviness lift off me. A huge wave of revelation hit me. I may have lost Tammy but I could never lose my most important Possession, my Lord Jesus Christ and that was very liberating. I realized that truly I had nothing, no material thing could ever shatter me if it got missing.

Do I miss Tammy? Yes. Do I want it back? Of course.

Will I die if it’s gone for good? No. Before this revelation, it was as if I would. Now, I have my peace.

I’m sure that is how Abraham felt when God told Him, that He did not with hold his most important possession (Isaac) from God. He had gotten to a point where truly, there was nothing he could not part with for God.

“Do not lay a hand on the boy,” he said. “Do not do anything to him. Now I know that you fear God, because you have not withheld from me your son, your only son (Genesis 22:12)

Okay, okay, I know Isaac and Tammy are not the same thing and Abraham’s own was much deeper than a two year old Lenovo laptop but the truth within is consistent.

Nothing in your life should ever try to share a place with God in your heart. The throne of your heart is a one room apartment, only one person will be able to stay there. So, it’s either God or that thing, whether it’s your job, money, relationship or even your grades. Someday, I’ll share my story of how God broke me because my grades and relationship had literally taken all the room in my heart and mind, and He wanted to be my Lord. Oh How He fought to be Lord! I truly love Jesus with every fiber of my being, when next you talk to Him, please help me tell Him I said so. I will truly never be able to live without Him. He must always be my all.

Dear reader friends, what is on the throne of your heart?

Please pray and don’t stop until you have dethroned it. Put Jesus back on the throne of your heart. This world and its ‘things’ will clamor for that one-room apartment but continuously make sure He stays on that throne. Those things are temporary but God is eternal. We are supposed to fix our eyes only on what is eternal- Him. Let Jesus be your all and I promise you, you need not be poor because He will always be your greatest possession.

This is the blessedness of having nothing!

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. (2 Corinthians 4:18)

With Love,


p.s Just like God provided a Ram for Abraham, He provided a laptop for me to write this post as well as the whole idea of the post. Remember, this blog was not mine from the start, it has always and will always be His. He provided and I totally trust Him for everything in my life. He must always be glorified!


Please and please, share this post with your friends! Everyone needs to see this!


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  • Amarachi

    I love this because I realized there are alot things that broke me this holiday and then I realized that though those people or things were gone, God is and always has been there and he teaches to love those his way not my way. Thank you so much. 💯

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