A New Beginning- Tender Mercies


Hello reader friends! I’m so pleased to welcome you to this Blog- the Scarlet Journal.

You can read about me here and about our mission here

As some of you may know, I had a blog before this one and I was actively writing on it and I went off the grid for a while, even on social media.

Apart from the fact that I was using a domain that was not exactly mine but for WordPress and I totally wanted to make a statement that The Scarlet Journal is here to stay, I simply could not keep using the former blog.

I have mentioned in some previous blog posts that I did not open that blog for the right reasons. While I did genuinely want to help people in the process, I was all about getting attention at the start. I wanted to blow and I was also going through a rough time in my life and so it the previous blog was an outlet to let out all the pain I felt. God was not at the epicenter of the blog.

Let my first lesson to you on this blog be that when you do things for the wrong reasons, even though they are the right things, you will at some point start feeling frustrated and doubt yourself in the process and that was what happened to me.  I reached a point where I became so frustrated with blogging.

It was around that time that I really began to seek to know God truly for myself and then it became so important for me to start writing with the right motives and for the right reasons. I realized that I could actually start sharing my stories, my weaknesses and the priceless lessons I’ve learned walking with Jesus and let God use them to change hearts and make them fall for Him, passionately.

So here we are, at a New Beginning,

New blog ✅

Better Motives ✅✅

God at the epicenter ✅✅✅

One thing I love about new days, new beginnings are that they are an opportunity to live out in the new tender Mercies God gives us each day. God is that faithful and I’m so honored that He has chosen me for this.

Now, I may not be the most perfect candidate for the job but I’m sure that God has a purpose for this and He is perfectly capable of using even those imperfections to bless you so please stick around.



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