Can’t it Be Enough?

MERRY Christmas all!!!

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We just slaughtered a chicken, something really good is cooking and everything really seems to be in place for celebrations. Except,

what are we even celebrating?


I was going through my  IG one day and I that someone posted something about not celebrating Christmas because of what the world has turned it into and the theories surrounding Christmas and I was like…

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Because what does it matter if the world has turned it into something else? And the arguments, what do they matter?

We know the story in its entirety and we know that the Christmas story is much more than a story, it’s the reality of the beginning of the good news. You remember the song;

“Hark now! Hear the angels sing

A king was born today

And man will live forever more

Because of Christmas day”

Have you ever thought of this? That because Christ was born today, we will live forever more? We are no longer slaves to death and we know eternal life is ours because God’s only begotten son became flesh?

Imagine what Israel must have been like… 400 years of total silence from God and in that silent, that holy night, God took on flesh to get rid of that silence and reconcile us to Him. And they didn’t know, they knew a savior was coming but they just didn’t think he would be born in a manger.


A manger!!!

Not a castle or the temple or even some fancy hotel in Jerusalem but in the most unusual place, to the most unusual person, a virgin, wrapped in swaddling clothes. I mean, the greatest gift was given and they didn’t even know it. it even gives me the chills knowing if I was a teenager in that time, I would probably have seen Jesus as a baby from afar and said, “awwn..he’s so cute” but I wouldn’t have known he was my savior!!!


So, we are privileged to know the whole story and we can celebrate it with meaning. We can enjoy our goat meat and chicken because we are not wondering whether to keep it for the next sacrifice or not. Jesus was born today some 2000 years back to be our one perfect sacrifice. So why can I not celebrate it today? I mean, I celebrate my birthday every year and I have not actually done anything really tangible for humanity, how much more the savior of the whole world?


So what if Jesus wasn’t really born 25/12? as Christians we will always celebrate what Christ did for us and having an official date to let the world know why we celebrate isn’t bad at all.  December 25 will do just fine. Thank you.

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What about Santa Claus and the world’s way of celebrating Christmas?


Santa Claus is okay. There’s nothing wrong with a man with a lovely white beard and red suit giving people gifts. It’s fun, I think it’s fun too. We tell children all about him and that’s not bad but

Tell them Jesus Christ is the greater Santa Claus.

As you tell them once of a man who gives nice gifts to nice children, tell them  ten thousand times about the man who gave the greatest gift- his life for both the naughty and nice.

As you tell them of a man who comes only on Christmas eve and lives faraway in the north pole, tell them of a man who lives in their heart and will never leave or forsake them. You tell them and make sure that in all your telling, you believe too.

Tell them everything!

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Do your absolute best to let the world know your own reason for the season and live it. don’t let the world stop you from seeing Christmas the way every believer should.

Also, if you are all alone right now and think you can’t celebrate Christmas because it’s a family and friends holiday and you have none, then you have believed lies. Christmas is for you too because if you were the only one in this world, Jesus would still come and die for you. He loves you more than any family or friend could ever dream of doing.

But Princess, Christmas is originally a pagan or satanic festival…

I really do not care.

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I was going to pick my phone and browse this stuff but then i stopped myself because this piece of information does not bother me, I am celebrating Jesus Christ and so are countless people all over the world. The Devil does not make days, other gods don’t as well. If they ever claimed it was theirs, then we have hijacked it.

It’s Christ-mas, not Satan-mas

Not pagan-mas. Period.

We know the truth, we’ve seen God move in our lives and we know that because of today we are not hopeless and will live forever. We know the incredible thing that happened today

God’s only begotten son became flesh.

Can’t it be enough?

Because it is for me!!!


Merry Christmas loves. I love you but Jesus loves you far much more than I ever will.

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It has been a privilege serving  you through this blog

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