How to Know The Way God Speaks To You

Hi guys!!!  So today, I’m going to be talking about hearing from God. We all know that God speaks but not how to hear Him. This is such an important part of our Christian faith and I had so many misconceptions about it for such a long time. Even though I’m still learning, I’ve decided to share the little I know about this subject.


First off, when I talk about hearing from God, I’m not exactly talking about the audible voice of God and that’s where a lot of us have it wrong. Of course, so many Christians hear God’s audible voice but not everyone can and will. I have never actually heard that audible voice before and for so long, I had this misconception that I needed to hear God’s voice for guidance and when I didn’t, I felt like God didn’t want to speak to me and he had his ‘guys’.

I remember this time I had to make a very big decision and I kept on praying and waiting for God to speak to me with his audible voice before I made a decision. Guys, I waited forever but no sweet, majestic voice ever spoke to me and I would have still kept waiting till today if I didn’t realize that God had always been speaking to me, I just didn’t realize it and hence, I wasn’t listening.


God speaks to us in so many ways. Instead of seeking to hear the audible voice of God, you can tune in and discover the way God speaks to you. in this blog post, I’ve put down some points to note about how God speaks to us and when it applies to me, I’ll also share how I learned to hear clearly from God through that area and I know that if you really read and take everything to heart, you’ll start hearing from God and having clarity in every area of your life:

  • For you to hear clearly from God, you have to be close enough to him

This is where last week’s blog post comes in handy and trust me when I say you have to read it before you can understand this point totally. Click to read here. Actually, the problem is not that God is not speaking to us (because he is), we are simply not listening.

Will you tell me your deepest secrets and gist with me if we’re not guys (close friends)? That’s exactly how it is with hearing from God. It wasn’t until I became intentional about seeking God and building my relationship with Him that I started hearing from Him.

  • God Speaks To Us Primarily Through His word


I’m willing to put my money down that if your mom is talking from afar, you’d recognize her voice clearly without even seeing her.

That’s because you’ve heard that voice all your life from your baby days till this moment. it’s impossible for you to mistake another voice for hers, even in your dream. That’s just how it is with God. You may not have heard his voice audibly but you have the Bible. You have the privilege of knowing how He does his things and how he speaks since the beginning of time. You have the red letters of Jesus!!!

If you took time, I mean really took time to read the Bible, you won’t even be confused in life because you already know what he’d say at every point in your life. I’m so excited about next week’s blogposts because I’ll be really taking the time to talk about this topic and Bible journaling. There are so many treasures in the Bible and next week I’ll be taking a lot of time to teach you how to find them.

  • God speaks To Us Through The Nudging of the Holy Spirit (The Inward Witness)


Remember that big decision I talked about earlier? I realized that I didn’t actually need to hear God’s audible voice about it anymore. Every believer has the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, and He guides and leads us every time. So I looked to my heart and found that I already knew what decision to take all along and it turned out to be one of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made.

Sometimes I’ve heard some people say, “Something told me to do this or say this…”

That ‘something’ is the Holy Spirit leading you by nudging your heart into doing a certain thing. This is why we have to be sensitive. I’m aware that you may doubt that it’s really God speaking to you. Thankfully, we know that the Word and the Spirit go hand in hand. The Holy Spirit will never guide you to do something the Bible doesn’t agree with. We also know that the Holy Spirit knows all things and as you are in tune with him, you’ll receive clarity about all those areas of your life you are hoping God will speak to you about.

It starts with the small things, and as you begin to obey and follow His leading for the small things, it won’t be so hard finding direction for the big things.

  • God Speaks to us Through Other People


I really don’t advise anyone to miss church and even if you do, you should try and watch sermons online. It’s really a great way to hear directly from God. A pastor is a vessel used by God to get to you, provided it’s a Bible-believing Church that preaches the Gospel of Salvation by Grace. A pastor may add his jokes and stories to a sermon but He gets his inspiration ultimately from God and that’s why you listen to a sermon and you get all pumped up and teary-eyed because God knows the spiritual needs of everyone listening and he uses the Pastor to address them.

God also speaks through normal people but I still believe strongly that you still need to have the Holy Spirit guiding you personally. If not, you will just listen to every Tom, Dick, and Harry that claims to have a word from God for you without actually being able to discern who is really from God or not. Again the word of God remains a litmus test for you. For instance, I believe God is using me to speak to you through this blog post and you can confirm that through the word and discernment of the Holy Spirit.

  • Confirmations and Repetitions

This actually works for me a lot. Sometimes when God is trying to speak to me about a certain thing, I begin to hear it repeatedly from so many places, and eventually, I’d just have to act on it.

For instance, there was this week when He kept nudging my heart that I had misplaced priorities and I had put something else on the throne of my life. I tried to amend it but I didn’t put so much effort and then everywhere, things just kept reminding me I was so disconnected from God.

That Saturday, I was doing my chores while I listened to Mike Todd’s Sermon ‘watch the throne’. It really got to me and I wasn’t at peace. I finished my chores so late that day, made dinner, and slept early out of fatigue instead of spending time with God. The next day in Church, my pastor’s sermon was titled “Eyes on The Throne”. I wept so much during the sermon because God really did not give up on me, even with my laxity towards him.

At the end of that service, I repented and I had so much peace going home that day because I knew I left knowing that Christ was back on the Throne of my life. The next day I posted this on Instagram:

  • Visions and Dreams


I don’t usually hold so much weight to my dreams because most of the time, I don’t remember them but then God warns me about certain people through my dreams and they end up being true.

You will need a lot of discernment in the Spirit to understand your dreams. But when it comes to bad dreams and nightmares, I’ll say what my chaplain said, “don’t just be reading meanings to your dreams.” Sometimes people just panic unnecessarily because of their dreams. You can actually pray those nightmares away and ask God to give you a good night’s rest.

You can’t be dreaming every night of doom in your life as a child of God. Why should you be dreaming of someone chasing you every time? God gives his Children rest and the enemy tries to take it away but he has already been defeated so… Besides, how do you expect not to have bad dreams when you watch horror movies all the time?

drake sarcasm.gif

Yes, God talks through dreams but I honestly believe when a dream is a revelation from God, you’d just know and that’s why you need to be led by the Holy Spirit, like all the time.

all the time.gif

I know there are probably other ways God speaks and I’d love to hear them so if you have any other way, you can let me know in the comments. What about the ones mentioned? Have you heard God speaking to you through one or more of these methods? Let me know too. You might just help someone here.

If you’ve had trouble hearing God in the past, use this post as a guide and note how God speaks to you. Build your relationship with Him to increase your sensitivity to His voice.

I love you guys.


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  • This is nice…
    God does talk to me by repetition everywhere I go and look.
    About being close to God, what do you do when you’ve cried out and prayed to God to have a personal relationship with you but you feel like nothing is happening? Like waiting arms out but it feels like God is not revealing himself?

    • Thanks… I love that you are already sensitive to the way God speaks to you.
      You don’t just cry out and pray to have a personal relationship with God, you work towards it. As you make Jesus your number one priority in your life, serving him, obeying him , reading and meditating on the word and praying consistently, you will begin to see a change in your life, God will reveal himself to you if you do it with your whole heart.
      Being intentional about your relationship with God is not a one time thing. It’s something you must work towards every single moment of your life. Continuous activity in a place attracts a Spirit and when you keep being consistent with chasing after God, you will begin to develop a hunger for God and you will draw closer to him.
      Also remember that Jesus is the one waiting, not you.
      Meditate on John 14:21

  • I am so grateful to God for what he is moulding you to be,more grace sis

  • Harmony

    I’m a living witness to the fact that God speaks to people through sermons……but sometimes I wish he can also speak to me….like directly

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