“I’m Addicted to My Phone??” Let Me Help You

Hello guys, I’m back!!! who missed me? I’d love to tell you all the details about where I have been and what I’ve been doing but a thousand blog posts wouldn’t be able to explain it all. After reading this post, you may understand my absence a bit and… let’s just leave it that way. I really hope that whoever, wherever you are, you are truly doing fine or at least believe that even in the bad times, God is good.


This blog post actually makes me laugh a whole lot, I had to finish my chores quickly so I could settle and write it. I mean, I’m more than guilty and I think it’s safe to say that 99% of us are guilty as well. I really respect the remaining 1% who aren’t guilty, if you really exist.

I’m addicted to my phone.


Like, I just find myself tapping away, even for the littlest reasons. I’d just be sitting and then I’d remember someone I want to stalk on IG. Like clockwork, I’d search for the person, look at like 200 of their pictures and when I’m satisfied, I’d go to my homepage, view stories till my eyes drop, refresh the page, scroll…like, pass, repeat, check my notifications, sigh, refresh again then move over to WhatsApp, read through my chats, reply the ones I feel like, view all my statuses, all the while ignoring the notifications from my Bible app. Then, I’d open my WordPress, check my stats, worry about them for like a split second, read the recent posts from blogs I follow, close the app, sigh and then press the power button for a while. Then, I’d repeat the entire cycle again after like two minutes. When I realize that 4 hours have gone, I’d feel restless and then read my devotionals for the day.

Darlings, your cycle may not look like my cycle but I’m very sure you have a cycle!

The saddest thing is that after a while we begin to forget who we are outside our phones. We use it as an escape from our lives, an excuse to procrastinate. The truth is that deep down we know, but we would rather keep tapping than face the ugly truth- we are addicted!

Below are steps that will help you break out of your phone addiction. they really helped me and i’m sure they’ll help you too.


  1. Face the Ugly Truth

Sometimes, we aren’t being honest. I’ve come across a lot of people, myself included, who have a problem with their phones and they never admit it. During my extension/WAEC time in secondary school, I had this close friend that was so addicted to her phone. I didn’t even have a phone then so I didn’t understand what she was facing, because phone addiction is a battle. We’d wake up at night to read and she’d open her books but all her attention would be on her phone. I’d tell her to stop and she’d give me excuses or sometimes get pissed with me or whoever told her to stop. She knew deep down that she had a problem but she didn’t want to admit it. When the phone got lost, I was actually happy and I know how terrible this makes me sound but… what’s more, she got her focus back.

happy child

You have to admit that it’s hard for you. Stop telling yourself “I can control it” or it’s not that bad, because it is! If you’re being honest with yourself, you’d see that you are not as productive as you ought to be or that you’re forgetting to spend time with God or your family. You shut yourself out from your own life and it’s going to take more than an “I can control it” to sort your problem.


  1. Surrender                    surrender.gif

I’m sorry, but you simply cannot do this on your own. You have to ask our father for help.vil-son-vRyFSqEOTZI-unsplash.jpg

Now, you may ask, what’s he going to do about it? But, it will interest you to know that something has already been done about it. Your addictions, your weaknesses have already been nailed to the cross and so at any point in time, you have the power to break free from this addiction. Simply talk to Jesus about it, be honest and tell him to remind you that you are continually being set free. You really don’t have to worry about what you might be missing out on, you’ve got all you need on the inside of you and only God can help you see that.

  1. Take a Break, Consequences be Damned                                                                           

Last week Sunday, I was speaking to my connect group in church and I was led to talk on this same topic. I picked some girls and asked them the amount of time they spend averagely on social media and I got a lot of interesting answers. One girl said,

“A few hours at night”

Another said, “When I’m done with what I have to do and I’m bored”. Another girl was pressing her phone at the back, obviously uninterested in the meeting and I asked her the same question (I had to repeat the question because her mind wasn’t even there), she looked at me with an attitude and said,

“Whenever I’m free”

attitude phone.gif

I wanted to tell her that she must have a lot of free time then, since I had not seen her eyes leave her phone even just once and that I wondered how many people she had to talk to with such an attitude but I just bit my lips. After smiling to myself, I began to share my experiences to them. I was currently on a personal retreat and it was far deeper than a social media fast but then I repeated something I had heard Pastor Toure Roberts say earlier that week (paraphrased),

“When you fast from something and you really did it. You’re supposed to come out of that fast dead to that thing”

And it really struck me because I realized that some of us actually need a social media fast than we actually need a food fast. When we spend hours online, we can even forget to eat but we can’t forget to touch our phones.


Decide to be angry today and uninstall those apps, I promise you the earth will still rotate along its axis. If you think you are disciplined to an extent, you can simply download an app block like stay focused app, which I use sometimes. Just take a break from those apps and then use the time to find some bearing, plan your life. in case you don’t know, time is going!

Don’t worry about what you’ll be missing out on, it’s really better to miss out on stuff than to miss out on what God’s doing in your life because your phone is always in your hand. I felt so nervous before I took this retreat. I didn’t type my blog posts and I felt someone would need me and wouldn’t be there for them or there would be some news that I’d miss out on. Nevertheless I took it and I don’t regret it for even a moment!


Let’s talk:

Can you admit that you’re addicted to your phone? Will you take a break today, disconnect from the world so you can connect to God and face your life?

I love you, dear phone addicts…and non-addicts alike!

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