Omniverts: the most misunderstood personality 🙂

I can literally swear that I had written an entirely different blogpost😩. Just somehow I changed my mind which is actually very rare for those that know me😁 and in a bid not to be so selfish, I decided to tell you guys a little bit more about myself😌. Obviously one blogpost is not enough to describe such a sweetheart🙈🌹💖like me but it’s a start😊. Since we have such a whole lot to discuss, I had better stop beating around the bush and just go straight to the point! 🎯

I’m sure y’all are wondering, which one is Omnivert again🙄. Thought there were just introverts and extroverts?🤷‍♀️Oh well I’m sorry to burst your bubble but there are 2 other personality traits at least according to my research. We have the Ambiverts and of course the Omniverts🥰. I believe y’all have a basic understanding of introverts and extroverts so I won’t bother going into all of that…often times we hear people say oh I’m an introverted extrovert blah blah blah because somehow they can’t just fit into the regular definition of introverts or extroverts. There is always something out of the box that ultimately disqualifies them from being one( introverts sand extroverts of course). They keep trying and trying to fit in even to the point of pretending just to belong to the “normal type of personality trait” . This is me explaining my own life experience 🤦‍♀️ I got so tired that I began to question the type of person I really am, I felt like a complete stranger in this jungle called life. I searched and searched and while searching I found myself, although just like an onion I haven’t uncovered all layers of myself but I think I’ve uncovered this particular layer💃.

Let me tell the major difference between Ambiverts and Omniverts. Ambiverts can easily adapt to whatever environment they find themselves. So In a gathering of extroverts, they act like extroverts while in a gathering of introverts, they automatically become introverted. I’m sure some people are already checking to see if they fit into this personality trait😁 go ahead . It’s allowed! Now lemme tell you few thing about Omniverts( myself basically) and for the record I think we have super powers ( you will understand soon why I said that) I mean we are a lot,lemme give you a scenario “in a party, we keep very low profile:hardly talk or even dance , we just don’t do anything. But with a few friends, we become the most extroverted even more than the real extroverts. In essence we are the direct opposite of Ambiverts.Well if you can relate to that, welcome to the club of Omniverts 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😌❤️. I suggest you get yourself a glass of wine🌝(you will need it trust me)

Omniverts are very sensitive!!!!!! Our mood swing ehn no be here( you all will have to permit the language choice)😩😩 but we are unable to show anger publicly so we rather eat it all and stress our minds(really nice of us☺️). This has led to major misunderstanding because most people think I’m a weakling or a scardy cat no darlings it’s just my nature. Me being a modal person, I always get misunderstood even by my closest friends💔. Half of my time I spend alone thinking, browsing or just being creative and the remaining half I am fooling around, gisting and socializing. My single status plays a role 😄. It’s funny when I get comments like ” you are too quiet,you should talk more” and from others “you are a mad person” but who would not agree to a balance🤷‍♀️😏

I enjoy social gatherings unlike introverts but I need time to recharge myself which makes me an extrovert. So unlike the usual black or white…I’m grey🤓 a perfect opportunity for people to confuse a lot of things about me😭. Being grey is not a problem or better but it’s just different from the normal standard which makes it harder for people to understand so they just jump or even fly into conclusions 🙄 which can be very tiring sometimes😪

I’ve been misconstrued for an unhappy, boring person because of my love for quiet and even a pretender because of my extroverted self which is very painful 😤. People forget that just as a bow and arrow, we need the bow and arrow to be a functional weapon and viola!🤡I’m a combination of a bow and an arrow🤠…remember I said we Omniverts have super powers😉

For those that took my advice to get a glass of wine( thank you for trusting me😌❤️). A toast to the generation of men and women capable of being thoughtful loners who explore ideas and learn skills but come out and share themselves with the world fearlessly through aspect of human creativity and self expression. For example I am sitting quietly, writing the post alone: sharing my thoughts and allowing my mind to wander than if I were physically present . Just wow!😂…cheers🥂🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊(parry time). But before we continue the celebration, thank you all for reading and see you next time🤗. Love y’all ❣️❣️. I have a party to catch 🎈🎶🎶💃💃💃

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