Ten Ways to be Useful in Life.

Hi guys!!! How’s August going for you? I hope you are all doing well and doing your best at the same time. Guys, I got a lot of feedback from my last blog post and I’m telling you, it really warmed my heart. I’m just here being happy that this story made you think and choose love above everything. I really should start writing more of these stories but that’s just by the way.

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I do not believe that anyone is useless. In fact if there’s breath in you, there must be a purpose you’re supposed to fulfill, a reason for your being alive. However, it is so easy to get frustrated with life and find out that you’re not really doing anything useful with yours and you may struggle to find your worth at times. I know I have, so I’ve put together ten ways for you to be useful to yourself and life in general. These points have helped me and I’m very sure they’ll help you to, if you choose to follow them

Ten Ways to Become Truly Useful in Life


  1. Believe guillaume-bolduc-673313-unsplash.jpg

Some people find it real hard to be useful because they don’t believe that they are of use to anyone and that’s not okay. When you have the mindset that you’re not useful, trust me when i say you’ll spend your life doing useless things. You have to put a value on yourself even when no one else does or you’ll just spend the rest of your life throwing your life away.

  1. Say No To Suicide baby no.gif

The devil is a very crafty person and he’s a pro at setting mind traps for people, making them believe that they have no worth and the world would be so much better off without them. That’s a very big lie. The moment you take your life, you become useless to yourself, to others and to your creator. The moment you take your life, not before. If you’re having suicidal thoughts, I beg you to get some help or try to reach me. Yes, everything seems worthless and there are a 1001 reasons for you to take your life, but are they reasons enough for you to spend your eternity in hell? Even if you don’t believe in hell, do you still want to take that risk? There are so many great things you have to accomplish but you absolutely can’t do that if you’re not willing to push through the dark and find your true worth.

  1. Stay Alive in The Best Possible way dan-gold-4_jhDO54BYg-unsplash.jpg

In other words, find a way to stay healthy. Some sicknesses can be avoided and you know it. Eat well, keep fit and just stay alive in the best possible way. You are most useful when you are healthy.

  1. Try Doing Useful Things drake sarcasm.gif

This may be obvious but how are you going to be useful if you keep doing useless things? Like, get a job guy. A real job! Create opportunities for yourself, be diligent and reliable. Study hard, come out with flying colors. It’s hard but just do it!

  1. Live Selflessly dont be selfish.gif

I’m sorry but you can’t actually be useful to yourself or anybody if you’re constantly thinking about yourself, day and night. If you are stingy with your time, love, opportunities, money, effort then you aren’t really going to be useful to anyone. I know it seems like the world is obsessed with self-care but self-care is not the way! Yes, pamper yourself once in a while but carry that “how can I help others” mentality. If you are always concerned with yourself and how people treat you all the time, it becomes a legit obsession and instead of growing and helping others grow, you’re there living out your “what about me?” syndrome. You can’t be useful to yourself in this state.

  1. Get Rid of Unhealthy and Negative Behaviors frederica-diamanta-yn_vsBZhjLU-unsplash.jpg

Personally, someone who is constantly starting fights or getting angry is useless to me because how am I supposed to grow, if you keep suffocating me with your unhealthy behavior? If you’re a peace hater, constantly quarrelling, gossiping, spreading rumors and envying others, then I’m not sorry to say but you are very useless to yourself and others around you. Stop trying to be the bad energy all the time and try to be supportive and encouraging. That’s a very valid way to be useful to others and yourself, because when you help others grow, you eventually grow too.


  1. Connect with people jackie-parker-632920-unsplash.jpg

Let pause for a while so I can take a minute to come down from the table I’m about to shake before I break my neck and die.

You cannot, or rather, we cannot grow in isolation. We have to find a way to connect with people, no matter how hard it is leave your comfort zone. I love my alone time, I’m super shy and extra-introverted but I’m slowly learning that I need others, people who are like-minded with me and have a true desire for all round growth. These kind of people exist as I’ve realized and it’s almost impossible for me to feel useless when I’m around them. So yeah, this a valid point for you and I to note.

  1. Be hopeful aaron-santelices-xlqijmOFEuw-unsplash.jpg

This is key! If I’m hopeful that better days will come, I will start preparing myself, building capacity and hence I can never be useless to myself.

That’s the way!

When you feel like all hope is lost, you begin to think, “what’s even the point?” that question has rendered so many people useless to themselves, because they don’t see a way past their current situation, they give up and let their hope die.

  1. Become part of something bigger than yourself sharon-christina-rorvik-CLyL_YVsWI8-unsplash.jpg

Desire to make to make an impact at every point in time, if you don’t already. Walk in purpose! That’s why when my friend said she woke up one day and felt like wasn’t doing enough and she had to become part of bigger than herself, I felt it. It’s the same for me. I may not have started this blog with the most selfless of reasons but then over the years, I’ve had this inward shift, like a burden (but the good kind of burden because it was given to me by God). I have the burning desire to help make an impact on lives through everything I write and I’m so excited because of where God is taking this blog to.

So get going, join something, do something to leave your mark in this life.

  1. Walk with God walk.jpg

Have you noticed that I’ve hardly mentioned God’s name in all of this? I wanted to drive in a very important point. It all pointless without God. You can practice all the points above and do very well but there’s always going to be something missing, an emptiness that can only be filled by God because you were not just made by God, you were made for him and if you’ve ever felt like you don’t have a purpose in life I’ll help you-

Your main purpose in life is to know God and worship him.


Nothing is more satisfying. You are most useful when you are serving God so get to know him. Get into a Bible based church and drink from the well of life. if you feel like you can’t go to church, you can listen to some preachers online (like Mike Todd, Joel Osteen, Steven Furtick etc) and I guarantee your perspective about church and God will change.

I love you guys

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