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Hey guys! How are you doing? I hope you’ve had a lovely month so far.

Last week, I won the Tush magazine writing competition!!! I was honestly shocked to see the email when I woke up that I screamed like an idiot. I was shaking so much that I mistakenly shut down my phone (which takes forever to boot) before sending my account details. You can read my article here:

Entry 4 – Just Do It!

So guys, today I’m here to tell you we need to step up our ‘loving people’ game.

No, scratch that. Loving people is not actually a game, it’s very serious business and some people are even harder to love than most. Those kind of people need your love the more. It would be very easy if we all had the same story and problems, but we don’t. Some people have gone through a lot and sometimes it’s hard for us to even understand where they’re coming from, the hurts and disappointments and in justices they’ve had to bear, the heavy weights of the bad choices they’ve made previously. Well, it’s easy to write those people off but not you, never you!not you.gif

Sometimes what people need in order to turn their lives around is just one person. One person to believe in them, one person to pray for them, one person to be there for them when the whole world has deserted them and one person to not judge them and look down on them, because let’s be honest, we haven’t been that perfect either, yet God in his infinite mercy…

laugh cry.gif

Here’s a thought- You can be that one person.

You can choose to believe in someone so hard that it completely changes their lives. You can choose to see past the brokenness and see the beauty within. This is why it’s so important for us to have Jesus eyes, that is, seeing people and things through the lens of Jesus. No one is too broken and too far gone for Jesus to save. When you think about it, despite all the things you have done, God keeps loving you and drawing you back to him (and don’t you dare say you haven’t done anything because we all mess up in one way or the other) why can’t we do the same to others? Why don’t we be the force that propels people to do more and be more?

You’re probably thinking, I can’t change someone’s life, I barely have my own life together. Well that’s wrong, you don’t need to be perfect to help people, to speak life over them and pray for them. You have it in you and at any point in time, you can be a beacon of hope to someone.


Some of us are waiting to change a ton of lives at once. That’s okay, but how about you start with one and be that one person for one person first? I almost quit writing a while back, I felt I wasn’t impacting anyone and I didn’t just have it in me to write anymore. I wasn’t reaching my writing goals and it weighed me down. I thought I sucked but I had just one person believing in me and encouraging me. That one person was enough. The way the person believed in me forced me to start thinking, maybe I’m not so bad after all and I started writing again. I’m not exactly your typical ‘writer for days’ and I’m not even a bestseller yet, but I won’t ever stop writing to inspire and change lives. I may not have reached my goals but I will never stop trying and it’s because God made that one person available to me when I needed the person the most.

Let’s get rid of that super-spirituality that makes us write people off because they are not our definition of good. I was reading a blog post by BBB and I realized that Mary Magdalene had just one person believe in her- Jesus. She had 7 demons in her but that didn’t stop him from using her greatly. She was literally the first person to see and proclaim that he’s alive. What if Jesus had written her off?

what if.gif

Let’s be that one person for as many people as possible. Be that one person and watch God use you greatly to transform lives, everywhere you go.

I love you guys.

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