The Bear’s Guide to Being Badass: A Piece on Completely Unearned Confidence…😎

Guest Post!!!

Hi. My name is not important, but those of you who know me should already know who this is. If you’re having any trouble with that, here’s a hint; I am an awesome, charming, bundle of joy, who apparently plays too much. You get it now, don’t you? And for those of you who don’t know me, I am amazing, ask around. Now, I have no idea what I plan on writing, so I might get a bit off track, and ramble, just keep going 😁.

Moving on to the content of today’s post… From the title, I guess you can say it’s a tutorial of some sort. And it is centered on one of the biggest trials of our generation, Self Confidence. It is unfortunate, I know. Now, as someone who is constantly mistaken for proud (I know what you’re thinking, “mistaken?”. Yes, mistaken), I never really understand how people have low self-esteem, or an inferiority complex or anything like that. I admit I take the whole confidence thing a bit far sometimes, but I can’t help it, it’s follow come, and I thank God for that.

See, inferiority is usually deeply embedded in one’s subconscious (basically just using too much grammar to say it’s a mental thing), and that’s way too deep a topic for me to get into, so, I won’t.

Anyway, to the whole confidence blah blah blah that the post is supposed to be about; Pay attention


The steps to being a complete, total, badass, or at least just not a wimp, are as follows:

1. Be True to Yourself


For some reason most people think the key to confidence is in seeing yourself as accomplished or some bs like that. WRONG! First and most important thing is being true to you.

Think about it, if you’re not just posing as a big deal, or someone who’s cool, or funny, or something like that, and you actually own your shit, whatever that may be, what could anyone possibly say or do to make you feel like any less?

Now, being true to oneself basically has two levels, I guess; recognizing your boss qualities, and owning your short comings.

You might be able to appear confident to others, but that doesn’t matter if you’re cradling yourself when you’re alone, cos deep down, you feel like crap.

Yes, you’re not the most talented, or the funniest, or the richest, or the smartest, big deal. When you know your deal, and you don’t lie to yourself about it, you simply don’t care how others feel about it.

PS: This actually requires you to be positive. Not being a terrible person, and going “it’s who I am, yen yen yen”

2. Don’t Care What People Say


This one is kind of tricky to explain, cos a lot of people would swear that they are independent of other people’s opinions, but still find themselves seeking approval.

We’ve all heard “you can’t please everybody”, but that doesn’t automatically take away the pressure to be rated by some people, right? Once again, WRONG!

There’s a simple logic to it, really. See, it turns out that the more you seek the validation of others, the more they feel the need to validate you.

I, personally, have reached a level of not-giving-a-(insert curse word here) that I don’t even get criticized anymore. Because nobody feels the need to offer or take away their validation from me, knowing I couldn’t be bothered either way.

People are basically sharks, and your insecurities are blood. Show any sign of weakness, and they’ll prey on it before you even understand what’s going on.

3. Understand AND ACCEPT that EVERYONE is ENTITLED to their Opinion, and it is NOT YOUR JOB to Convince them Otherwise


As easy as this sounds, a lot of people struggle with it. Simply learn to accept diversity without it becoming a controversy (accidental rhyme).

I think the sky is blue. If you think it’s purple, good for you, buddy.

That shouldn’t have me trying to convince you that the sky is really blue. And in failing to do so, it shouldn’t have me doubting my stance.

You think something is cool, your friends don’t. It is a difference in opinion, and it is allowed. It doesn’t make your opinion any more or less valid.


4. Be Confident


A key part of being confident is simply being confident. Don’t overthink it, don’t sweat it, just simply BE IT.

5. Believe in the Power That Is


This is basically saying you should have faith in your sauce. Trust your juice. Respect your fly.

It’s easy to be confident when things go as planned, but you need to learn to retain that confidence when things seem to be falling apart.

You planned a presentation with a dop slide and a ma outfit, things go south.

Outfit doesn’t look as good as it did in your head, projector doesn’t work for the slide. Do you panic? NO!

You simply own it, and act like that’s how you intended it from the beginning.

Remember, sharks and blood, they smell fear.

And if you can’t trust in your own sauce, trust in the sauce of The Holy Spirit (that everlasting drip) 😁.


We have now reached the end of this very long write up, cos it’s 11:00 PM and I should be asleep. Why I’m writing this at the last minute and not 3 (or 5) weeks ago, when I was actually told to write something, is not important.

So, I hope this was helpful in guiding you towards becoming your best, most confident, most badass boss self, and you have a wonderful life 🙏.


PS: I had to take out a lot of curse words, and that hurt 😔.

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