The Senior I never Should Have Messed With…

This story is a funny one and then, it also isn’t very funny. I’m very sure my nine year old self would have agreed with the latter. I’m totally aware that people have been in much worse cases and I can only tell you how much I respect and admire you because this was a very serious nightmare for me.

Dora Jegede was the kind of senior student that everyone feared. She was small in stature, yet she was so strict and most juniors called her wicked. I mean, as a JSS one student, almost every senior would seem mean to you because you’re just living in a place where you’re not being pampered by everyone around you for the first time, so you basically feel upset about any hostility towards you.

But Dora was different, she was very mean and I was so scared of her. To make matters much worse, she was even a prefect. Double trouble!!! I tried to avoid her, I really did. I wasn’t really close to my seniors and I always tried to avoid them. I always like to think I did a good job at that, until that fateful day…

Okay so, JSS1 girls are supposed to lay their beds and leave very early in the morning to allow the other sets clean the hostel. I was quite late that morning and unfortunately for me, I didn’t take my time to lay my bed very well. I wasn’t very good at laying my bed perfectly but I wasn’t terrible either. But, my school demanded perfection. A senior would go round the hostel after all the juniors had left and write down the names of Juniors who had not laid their bed perfectly and by perfectly, I mean not a single fold or crease. Unfortunately for me and some of my friends, our names were on that list and after school, Dora put us under punishment. It was quite an easy punishment and I should have just served it in peace, but I’m coming to that.

We were still serving punishment while Dora was raining down insults upon us. All through that time, I kept thinking, was it just because of the bed or had we done something more? Why the insults? Still, I kept quiet until she called me a yellow frog. The moment she called me that, tears dropped from my eyes and the tiger in me awakened.


I mustered up all the courage I had inside me and said,

“Senior Dora, please don’t call somebody a yellow frog…it’s not good” in the most innocent voice ever.

For a split second, there was silence and then she pounced on me

“You are very stupid. Who are you talking to like that, idiot? Nonsense she-goat. Today I will show you!”

At that moment, life as I knew it, was over. I was inside a pot of soup and who was going to help me out of it? Surely not my mother, who was at home, a thousand miles away. Not even my brother in the boy’s hostel would help me now. My school mother was in blue house and I was in green house. You couldn’t just enter another house like that so she couldn’t even come to my rescue and there was no running away for me. Oh! How I wish I had just let that tiger sleep.

sleeping tiger

She released the others and dragged me to the middle of the hostel to be an example. I begged for forgiveness but it all fell on deaf ears. I was a very tiny girl with little stamina, but what was Dora’s own? 💁She kept changing my punishment and if I didn’t serve them well, I would earn myself some slaps. I think I even missed dinner that night.🙍 However, I served my punishment with the hope that lights out would come and I would be freed. She couldn’t leave me there after that. I mean, no was that cruel, right?

I was wrong.😑

was wrong.gif

Dora’s bed was at the middle of the hostel so all she did was move me to her bedspace. In the darkness, she made me squat and fly my arms. This was the point where her mates felt like she was taking it too far. They all begged, starting from the nicest ones to the meanest. Other seniors that were not in ss3 came to beg but she didn’t listen to anyone.

She slept off and at a point I collapsed on the floor. She woke up and gave it to me hot. My body and head ached, my face was sore from slaps and I was hiccupping. I cried and became very hysterical. Finally, my house mistress came to look in through the window,

“Dora, what is happening” she asked. At that point, I felt relieved, she would see me and shout on Dora.😪

“Nothing ma”

Then the woman left. I’ve replayed this night a thousand of times and I’d bet on fried plantain that she saw me. Even though the lights were off, I was at the middle of the hostel and she was looking through a window that was at the middle of the hostel. She would have either seen me or heard me but she did nothing, which was so unfair.

After that, Dora freed me for the night, telling me my punishment had only began. As I walked to my bed, I heard people mumbling sorry from every corner. I got to my bed and my bunkmate and her friends came to tell me sorry. My bunkmate was cutie😊, she started helping me lay my bed after that time. She even felt guilty for not checking my bed before she left. The funniest part was that she was Dora’s cousin😂. She even came to beg Dora a lot of times but Dora did not listen.🙄

I checked the time and saw that it was past 1am. The psycho had punished me for hours.😭

The next day someone advised me to write and apology letter and I wrote one hell of a flattery/apology letter😅. I even accepted that I was a yellow frog and nonsense she-goat😂. I was ready to do anything to just leave this mess.😥

During breakfast the next morning, someone told me she was calling me at her table and I began to shiver with fear. This girl was going to embarrass me in front of all the houses and even some senior boys.

She read the letter in my front and I had made some grammatical errors so she laughed at me with her friends. There was a part I promised to “turn into a new leaf” instead of “turn over a new leaf” and she laughed at me. “From yellow frog to green leaf.” She scorned

ng-C_-DQF-x-N0-unsplash (1).jpg

I just thank God I had no juniors watching me

To be continued- share your worst bully stories, let’s talk.

let's talk

Love you guys.

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  • Temi Bassey

    That senior Dara is not a nice person at all. And that house mistress that didn’t do anything about it😕

    So my own story. I was in jss 2 at that time. I had just changed my school to a new one. My seat was at the back, the second to the last row and right behind me were 2 boys. They always made fun of my head(ps:I have a flat head).

    They would make jokes about the shape of my head and say they’re watching football or something on this flat screen TV(my head o).

    Sometimes I would walk out of the class to cry in the toilet, sometimes other classmates would tell them to stop, but they would still continue the next day. The bullying later started to reduce until it eventually stopped. And I was so happy when we moved to jss 3 and I wasn’t sitting close to them anymore.

    • aduragbemiawosanmi

      I remember this. ☹

    • Ahhhh
      Sorry dear…that was really terrible and my heart broke when you said you’d go to the toilet to cry…I’m really sorry you had to go through this but thank God you didn’t let it stop you from thriving and doing very well in school. I love your strength and thanks for sharing as well😌💕

    • I remember too! It’s cause I gave it to one of them hot during one of our classes

  • sarahoginni

    This is very funny especially the yellow frog part😂😂💔but at the same time it isn’t funny at all😭😭😭i can’t even imagine. What a nightmare!
    Well thankfully I was a day student and I did not have to pass through all of that😌🙏
    But as for insults, I can definitely relate
    My classmates especially the boys called me Pinocchio because of my very beautiful nose😀, but it really helped me boost my self confidence because now I feel it is one of my most beautiful features and I can as well embrace the name
    A very lovely post I must add!👏👏👏💜

  • aduragbemiawosanmi

    Senior Dora is wicked oo…should we search for her ? 😂

  • Emma Lewis

    Knowing you i’m really surprised you even survived the punishments 😂 That Dora is a psycho😕. Who knows? she could be a serial killer now😒😂

  • Harmony

    People can be so wicked 😩
    Who purnishes someone from only God knows when to 1am
    Although I went to a boarding school but I never gave any senior the chance to purnish me
    Me that I was very strong headed
    No senior made me do something against my will 😌
    I can remember a time I slapped a senior back because she slapped me…..and what was my fault….. because I refused to tell her sorry over something I didn’t do
    Gone are those days jare

    Nice post👊

  • Ifeoluwa

    You write well, my friend! This makes me so sad. Somehow, in my Junior Secondary, I almost always got away with being a little rude. But I’m sure we didn’t have evil people like senior Dora. I would have been an advocate o😂 And I’m sure I’d have almost put myself in trouble. I’d like to see her now. I’d have said I want her to reap what she’s sown, but we’re all Christians, so we choose forgiveness. I’d really like her to apologise.

    In other news, this is wonderful writing; You’re definitely going places 👌

  • Kehinde

    Your was even better, mine was ss1,
    Jss1 is still understandable, you did not know much, but the Dora of a girl is actually wicked considering that you were in jss1.
    I was in Ss1, sleeping one faithful night or rather I was forming sleeping, cause ss3 girl would send an Ss2 girl to call an Ss1 girl for them, I saw the Ss2 girl coming towards my bunk, I had pretended to be sleeping, I told the SS2 girl, I was sleeping she went to tell the Ss3 girl, the ss3 woke me up and said she sent for me and I said I was sleeping, she asked me to follow her, it was some minutes past 12am, at midnight….
    You won’t what she called me to do, to hold her Towel while she was having her bath… she was nice to me that night tho, but most student know her as a wicked senior tho, thank God she released me after she was done having her bath
    It was an only girls school

  • Adeola

    It is quite sad that every one has, are and might go through this, which is really frustrating, what can we do when the system put in place to protect us is silent. I am proud of you girl, u survived ur experience and u are thriving, she couldn’t and can’t hinder u, i just pray there is someone that will always be there to defend victims of such and show the perpetrators that there is no where it is ok

  • If I start to talk ehn. Well mine was when I was led into a trap by someone I thought a friend. Someone told my bunkmate and she came to change it for them. That’s probably the mildest.

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