The Ground at the foot of the cross is level…

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I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for months now but I’ve never gotten the chance until well, today.

You know these days, it’s absolutely easy to see someone and judge them without even trying to know why they do what they do. It’s so easy to  see someone who’s doing something unacceptably wrong and write them off because well, you are so much ‘better’ than them. Well, that’s okay except…

Who made you a judge over them?

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I fell into this trap some time ago. There was someone I was getting irritated with because she was constantly pissing me off by her lifestyle and I kept on judging that person to the point I got so frustrated and one day I was like, “God, what is wrong with this girl? I can’t stand her anymore!!!” and then I remembered a single statement in Mike Todd’s sermon. He said:

“The ground at the foot of the cross is level”aaron-burden-759768-unsplash.jpg

And he wasn’t even preaching about judging others. It was in fact a relationship sermon and I didn’t even make much of his statement at the time he preached it till weeks later when I was totally frustrated with someone for not living up to my standards. God was showing me that at the foot of the cross, there are no levels of sins, the ground is level. There are no steps where the least sinner would stay at the top of the flight of stairs and the greatest sinner would stay at the lowest point. Jesus wasn’t tortured for the lesser sins and then killed for the gravest sins. He died for every one person and the truth is that sin is sin. You mess up, you mess up. There are simply no levels to it.

So a procrastinator and grumbler (to mention a few) like me had no business judging someone else and I felt God really corner me to ask “who made you a judge over her?”


God dealt with me at that moment, letting me know that I was no better than the person I was judging. I mean, who was I anyway before I knew Jesus for me? Yet, he still thought I was worth saving and even at that moment, I wasn’t exactly spotless so what right did I have to judge another?

Have you ever wondered why Jesus didn’t say, “Let the person with the least sin be the first to cast a stone?”

It was because he knew he came to die for all of them and so it doesn’t really matter what you do. You were never worthy and the fact that you are under his grace now means that instead of judging people that are not up to your standards, you can show them the same love you have received from Him.

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In fact, it has been tested and tried by me. The only way you are going to be able to stop judging people is by showing them love and seeing them the way Jesus sees them. They are always going to be imperfect, it doesn’t make them any less lovable to Jesus so why should they be less lovable to us? Huh?

The next time you are tempted to judge someone, try something different: Imagine the way Jesus would see that person and see that person in that same light, with love and without condemnation.

As I began to show love to that person, I began to see her in a different light and I promise you, it was far better than living in judgment. Instead of waiting for her to mess up so I could roll my eyes and say “is she for real?” I began to reach out to her in love, letting her see that there was a far better way of doing things and I am glad to say I made an impact on her. I may not have changed her life completely but I know I planted a seed that will one day bear fruit.

Dear friends, nobody made you judge and jury so if there’s someone in your life you have been judging whether openly or inside you, this is a wake up call for you to be an expression of that love you have freely received and hence, change a life for the better!

Do you guys have anything to add to this? Maybe together we can find more ways to change lives for good and put an end to being the judge over others so let’s talk?

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I love you guys so much.

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