I’ve Had Quite the Semester…😬🤐

Phew!!! Its been five freaking months!!! I was so anxious about this semester at the beginning of the year and now It’s gone, just like that. I’m going home, to my house, family, bed, good food, let’s not even forget I’m going home to a very clean toilet (yeah, that’s essential and I can’t stress it enough)…the list goes on and on but I’ll not bore you with all that.

I may be happy about going home but I’ll never forget this semester. It’s my longest ever and my best yet, to be very honest. So many things happened and I’ll try to tell you a bit about it:



In one of my posts last semester, I said something about becoming the General Secretary of my Departmental Association. I know it may not seem like a big deal to most people but it meant the freaking world to me! I said I would tell you guys about how I won the post but since I got into office, I stopped looking at it like I won the post and started focusing on the fact that it was given to me by God- and Dr. Sanni of course.

My interview felt like shit to me, I thought I was not going to win it but when I saw my interview score, I was so shocked. I was so anxious about the interview, the campaigns and then the main elections. You won’t believe it but I bought new clothes for the days each level voted. I even fell sick guys, like really sick. I remember going from room to room to campaign to the higher level girls with two friends and then the next thing, I was running to the toilet to throw up and the next day, which was the day of the main elections, I was so sick, my temperature had risen and my head was banging terribly. Let me now even burst your head, when they announced me as the winner, I cried so much that it looked like I was the one that lost.

Yes guys, that’s how deep I am. All because of one election but like I said, it meant a lot to me and serving has been a very great honor for me. I have the best President and Vice President and the rest of the executives are family. I hold them so close to my heart and we’ve had some fun.We made some friends and some enemies, just because of some unfortunate circumstances. We’ve also had the privilege of organizing some events, and I’ll tell you about some of them in a bit.


So, we had this college week thingie in my school and we practically had a lecture free and a trade fair where I bought food like an idiot because well, life is too short. Life was so beautiful and stress free during that time. If only it stayed that way.😞

Then, there was this college of Engineering debate my department hosted for the college week. Gosh, it was such a funny day, we literally served the refreshments about two hours after the end of the program. Most of the guests had even gone. We just had to give people extra food, because well, what the hell were 15 executives supposed to do with like a hundred packs of food?

We were so exhausted, with all the running around for the food and drinks, putting up with useless attitude from certain people and then walking to and from the venue, which is like the farthest place in school. At least, we each all got a plate of chicken of chips from the student council so everything balanced up at the end.Yeah, that’s my sister Debby, our able PRO.

  • Chem fiesta, Sendforth and Awards Ceremony

So, we decided not to organize a dinner like other courses and threw a party for the entire department. I was so nervous about the whole thing but all the anxiety was for nothing because it turned out to be even better than I had imagined. The turn out was incredible and people had a lot of fun. So many people came to tell us that this was better than any dinner they would have gone for. We were so happy that we stuck to the fiesta plan

This garden is really pretty right? I picked the venue. I once had this program in the garden and I imagined us having something there too and thank God it turned out to be the best place ever. I know what I saw, when I saw what I saw.😁😁Of course, there was food (I mean, duhh). Like, there was a lot of food and small chops and snacks and biscuits. You guys know I love biscuits, right😍. Then, there was this huge drum of punch. It was so huge, that almost a dozen people had to carry it from the chapel, where it was made, to the garden. You’re probably thinking it was foolish of us to not make it at the venue. I think so too!😅Anyways, this is me and my squad. They literally had to drag me to take pictures because I had totally forgotten.

I got to serve the punch!!! I was super excited because i had always wanted to serve punch in school. Somehow, that never worked out until that day. I wonder why no one even thought of taking a picture of me doing that😒(fake friends everywhere😏). I gladly served the punch and man, it felt so satisfying💆 and I don’t even know why. That’s why when I had to talk someone and left someone else in charge of the punch, I told people that I felt like I had lost my purpose😂. That’s not true though, but I really did love serving it, and drinking it, of course. I drank so much that I was peeing like a baby. After the party, they had to wait for me to go pee for like the hundredth time.I slept so happily that day and throughout that week my belly was bloated because of all that food and I’m not even kidding😌I really ate like an idiot

  • Excursion

Gosh!!! This was the freaking highlight of my life!!!Take a look at these cute female engineers

So, we were supposed to go to two companies and obviously we had to select who would go to which company, since each company had their limits. At the day, I and my close friends in the course went with 500 level students. I was worried the trip was going to be boring and the 500 level students would be uptight and rude, but it was anything but that. They were so interesting to be with, gisting us about their 5 years in school and making a lot of jokes about our lecturers😂.

Provided, we went to a very boring company but our trip was fun, especially on the way back. After spending lots of money buying stuff (which I later regretted because I was broke that week but then I had to chop life), we started out for school late and our bus broke down in the middle of nowhere.Thank God it started working again after we got some fuel but sadly it broke down when we got to Ogun state again and since it was night, we just had to charter a danfo bus back to school. We made a lot of noise in the bus and I’m sure the driver would have thought we were crazy but we didn’t care. To get the full gist about this excursion, click here and find yourself in my girl’s blog.

  • Proverbs 31 Woman Conference

So there’s this annual conference for ladies in my school and I joined the planning committee. I was glad I did, because at the beginning of the year, I told myself I wanted to learn how to be committed to things that would help me serve and make a difference (blah blah blah🙄😌) and this conference opened the floor.

Amidst all the meetings and the volunteering, I still had a wonderful time. I learnt a lot and not just during the conference but also in the preparations. I met the most amazing people ever. The Vice Chair of Student council was the overall head of the conference and she’s such a wonderful person. I learnt a lot just from watching and listening to her. She was really a blessing to me. Anyways, here’s some pictures from the conference. Here’s a picture of my main girl and I on the first day of the conference

And the last day, I really did dress up and all for the conference. To be truthful, this was the first time I ever made up and dressed up to leave my hall for anything. I’m usually a very simple person.

The beauty in that picture with me is the head of my service unit (chaplaincy segment) and very good friend.❤

  • Hospitality Unit

This was a big semester for my service unit too. We had our main events this semester. First a program where we prayed for the sick and troubled and God healed so many of them. Also, we had ‘breakfast with hospi’, where we made breakfast for the entire school community and served them. I had so much fun doing it and I’d do it all over again, even though I hate the smell of sardine😤. As I’m writing this, I realize I never ever went to collect my pictures from the people who took pictures of me so I leave you to imagine those days with your mind’s eyes.Anyways, my service unit is the absolute best and there are so many amazing people in it, I can’t even begin to explain😊

  • Festival of Love

So, I joined this amazing foundation owned by this amazing and wonderful lady, Tilewa.

The foundation’s name is Nurturing God’s Treasures and we partnered with Project one million souls for their Festival of love. With time, I will write more about it so you guys can get involved, if you’re interested.

Anyways, all these little cute children came from orphanages and schools and we had this amazing conference and party for them. I’ve had a lot of happy moments but nothing matched my happiness on seeing those children happy. I want like a 100 kids in the future, please tell my future husband.😌The two little kids in this picture were the winners of the dance competition. I put my hands on my head, watching them dance. I’m a hopeless dancer.😫

  • Personal Life

Sorry to burst your bubble but I’m not here to gist you about any prince charming or whatever. But I’ll indulge you and tell you about my crush.daydreeeaI’ve encountered him like a billion times this semester and there was a lot of eye contact (it was probably just me), but I’ve never for once said hi. Oh yes! he did come once to my service unit office and talk to me and I was so crazy after that I even started thinking about who would design my wedding gown when we get married and how many kids we would have (I’m quite the dreamer). However, I acted like a complete idiot and I answered him like one. Don’t worry, he wasn’t saying anything exclusive. He’d have probably said the same thing to anyone else that was sitting beside him, like I was.shrugStill, I did the most stupid thing ever because I got up and left the office while he was still still sitting there. Yes, I was the April fool (It happened in April by the way, so you get my joke) but guys I was so shy🙈😿.

The funny part is that I know so many people who know him but I’ve refused to let anyone introduce us and I’ve refused to just say hi to him even though billions of people have advised me to do so.

Whoa, look how much I’ve written. Even though virtually everybody knows who I’m talking about, I’m not going to tell if you send a message so we might as well, forget about him now. (I won’t). Oh my God, he’s probably going to see this, isn’t he?😱

Moving on, I’ve met so many people this semester and made so many new friends. Awesome people I’ll never forget, and who made this semester lovely.

So, I’ve also had some mighty courses this semester and some high and mighty lecturers teaching them. I even had Dr. Sanni’s course but my God who has never failed my coursemates and I before, made it so that his questions in the exam were so easy (See Last post)💃💃💃

I know Spiritual growth is not a destination because we couldn’t possibly have enough of Jesus but I’m so grateful that i’m not where I was at the beginning of this year and I got to encounter Jesus in so many areas of my life. Nothing has a ring to it as being with Jesus to be honest, and I’m so grateful for all the conferences that held in the month of March like the audacity conference, where I learnt to defend my faith, the prayer conference, the choir concert etc. They helped boost my faith and I want to encourage you to go for things like that once in a while, if not regularly. You may not be in my school but the local churches around you have programs and conferences, do try and be part of it.

This semester has been amazeballs for me and I’m so grateful to everyone who helped make my semester amazing. I love you all.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me at home this holiday asides from the good food,bed and of course, clean toilet (I can’t stress that enough😫).and Zee World!!! How could i have forgotten my precious Zee World (Don’t you dare judge me for being a freak)

I guess I have just written my longest blogpost ever and if you’ve come to this point, you’re an OG.

I love you guys.💖💖

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