What If He Slyed Us?…🤔🤔

Guys it’s Good Friday and I’m super excited!!! There’s this Easter Youth Program going on in my school and I’m so expectant, even if it’s so stressful.

Quick sidetrack: My theme for this year is Spiritual growth and it was so crazy when I resumed school and found that the theme for my service unit is Growth too.Then, one of the goals of this blog is for us to grow! It was God that made it that way, really. That’s Crazy, right? This is the first Easter I’m being so intentional about my spiritual growth and I really can’t wait to see what God has planned for me, for all of us. I just really pray that we really experience this resurrection power of Jesus.

I really don’t know why i just wrote all of that. But it makes perfect sense!

perfect sense

Do you want to know what’s really crazy?

I was reading my devotional recently and I really have to share this realization with you guys. There’s this real life story of a plane crash in a river of freezing water and then this helicopter let a rope down to rescue a man in the water. This man took the rope and used it to take someone else up instead of him. They let the rope down and he did the same thing over and over again until he rescued everyone and drowned, tired. My devotional says he did not save himself so he could save others and that is exactly what Jesus did for us!

Maybe you’re not understanding this, so i’ll use the Bible to explain. Matt 26:53(NLT) says:

Don’t you realize that i could ask my Father for thousands of angels to protect us, and he would send them instantly?

Sometimes I find myself denying things or people just to get out of trouble. Yet Jesus stood in trial in front of so many people and he just stood there going along with God’s will, to make the Word of God the ever living truth. Then, I just asked myself, “What if he saved himself?” I made a noise in the room when I asked that question.

What if Jesus actually said He was not doing again?


What if he called all those angels to save him? What if he started denying everything he ever stood for just to please the high priests and all those people? Last last, they would have laughed at him, made fun of him but they wouldn’t have killed him. He would probably have gone back to Nazareth and lived out his days as a carpenter!
But guys, none of these scenarios ever happened. He went through it all, just for us! He did not save himself and in doing that, he saved all, I mean, ALL, of mankind. Do you get?

I think comparing what Jesus did there, to what we would do in the same situation, helps this to really sink in and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

sink in

He endured all that shame. Imagine a notorious criminal being favored over you, when you are totally innocent. I can’t even stand for injustice against me or others. When people favor other people over me, I’m always ready to fight. Recently, I did not get a title I wanted. Someone else got it and I have to say, it pained me to my bone marrow, I really felt it. A whole Barabbas was chosen over the messiah to live. At that point, I would have shouted and made trouble and pleaded for my life but Jesus chose to stay silent!

Dying on a cross for all of us???


Jesus’ death was not a private affair, imagine the people that would have gone to watch. I can’t think of anything more shameful. They were now even shouting at him to save himself. At that point, I would have gladly formed boss and called my Angels. But did Jesus? NO. Before, if I did something really nice for someone, I would expect them to be so grateful. Even now, like the day before yesterday, I helped someone look after his bag and when he came back, he took the bag and left without even saying thank you or at least bye. I was so angry! I wanted to slap sense into him.

But look, the people Jesus was dying for were the very people mocking him. They were all utter ingrates and sometimes we are too, but he still CHOSE NOT TO SAVE HIMSELF!!! He chose not to sly us! To sly someone means to betray that person or mildly put, to promise and fail, or to abandon someone you already made plans with and leave them hanging (sly is a Nigerian slang). What if Jesus left us hanging?

I’ve thought of this so many times and just before writing this post, I prayed,

“Thank you Jesus for going through with your painful death. Thank you for dying for me because now I’m thinking of this, I can’t ever do what you did. I don’t even think I can die for my friends, talk less of people I don’t even know.”

I really really cannot die on the cross for somebody else. I just can’t and I’m saying this with all sincerity. Especially, if I had a way to save myself. I’m really thankful to Jesus for being the ultimate BIGGER person because I don’t even know what would have been the aftermath of the story if Jesus chose his life above ours. Dr. Sanni, my lecturer is always saying that he will never kill himself for our sake and he’s not a sacrificial lamb (if you know, you know) and it’s always funny when he says it but it’s really really not funny that Jesus chose to be that lamb. I will forever be grateful for it, and I hope you are too.

I Love you guys.

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