How an Eight Year old Girl Made Me Give Myself a Pep Talk…

Hi guys! How was your week?

You guys know I travelled to Calabar, yeah? So I have this little, sweet cousin living there and I think I spoke a little about her here.

So, the day after the carnival, we’re walking to my aunty’s house and she stops me to ask when I’m leaving. At that point, I had less than 5 days to stay in Calabar and I told her so. She looked like she wanted to cry and then she said something,

“My sister, if you come and stay in my house for just two weeks, I will be the happiest person in the whole wide world. I love my sister so much”

That moment, everything stopped as I tried to process what she had just said. She didn’t even notice that she got to me because she went on chattering on about something else. She had literally just given me a pep talk and she didn’t even know it. I told myself that if no one in the universe ever told me they loved me, this would be enough.

Today, somebody is feeling unloved and even feeling depressed because of it. You probably think that there is no one in the universe who loves you genuinely. I say that’s a lie! It’s funny how it took a little girl to show me the truth God has been trying to tell me.

Earlier this week, I was really feeling down and I let the devil tell me lies about how nobody really loves me and how I give much more love than I’ll ever get back. But then, I remembered what this little girl said to me on December 30, 2019 and as I write today, I’m literally telling the devil that he’s going to regret ever coming to me with those lies because I am here broadcasting it to anybody and everybody that –YOU ARE LOVED!!!

You have family and they love you, you even have friends that love you. Hell, you even have fans that love you very much. You may sneer at this but the people who love you do exist. Let’s stop letting the devil’s voice be louder than that voice of truth.

Romance is also inclusive in this post, I always see people post stuffs like f**k love or I will never fall in love. This is because they have already come to the conclusion that love is not a thing, but I tell you, it is! There is someone out there for you, who will love you with every single fiber of their being. I promise you, they exist, love exists and they fact that you haven’t found doesn’t mean that it’s not there. Keep searching and keep hoping because trust me, you want to know what it means to be truly loved by someone.

Have you ever thought of the fact that it’s not possible for not even one person to love you, out of the 7 billion person on earth??? (You’re free to snap your fingers). Do you really think a loving God didn’t put at least one person to love you and at least one true friend, asides family? I mean, we’re talking about a God who cares about the little things you couldn’t care less about, like the number of hairs on your head. How much more the things you care about, like true love and friendship?

Finally, you should remember that there are people who are very glad to have you in their lives so don’t lose sleep over the ones who aren’t. Let my little cousin inspire you to give yourself a pep talk today because you really need it. You’ll be fine, okay?

Remember, I love you very much too so that should count for something, shouldn’t it?

p.s: I’m being led to start a voice of truth series: Debunking the lies that the enemy has already told you. I’m not starting immediately, but watch out for it!

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