You Know These Things…

Hi guys… How are you doing???

So I just want to share something that I learnt a few weeks ago during my pre-service. So my friend, Penuel came up to give the announcements but before she read them out, she said that the spirit led her to say something. In her words (paraphrased)

Somebody here is going through a lot, worrying about things and feeling burdened. But the spirit wants to know why? like why are you stressing?? You know God’s your father, you know he has your back and you know he’ll never leave you. You know you should be anxious for nothing but in prayer and supplication, make your requests be known to God. You already know these things so why are you really worried? This is a wake up call for someone here today.

Let me give you a background story…that week I had tests and I was pretty much feeling bad because I was really finding it hard reading and achieving the things that I had set out to do. Like I would look at my to do list and be totally unable to check any item at the end of the day. In my mind, I knew I had to trust God and in practice, I was totally failing so that message from Penuel was God basically giving me a wake up call.

At the end of the week, I was pretty much done with my tests and they were all great…somehow, everything was sorted out. Like, there was really no reason to worry. Imagine if I didn’t walk in that consciousness and then gave myself to anxiety?

Today, I’m being led to let somebody know that you’re wasting your time, stressing about the issues in your life.

If you’re really being honest with yourself, you know that you know these things, so do yourself a favor and stop stressing about the things you know only God can handle. A mere man like you will never to do God’s job for him. Your own is to build up your faith and then work for it, because the truth is that a million blessings times zero work will still give you zero (0 x 1000000=0).


I’m supposed to stop writing now but i’m being led to share a verse that I’ve encountered twice this week

The Lord’s promises are pure, like silver refined in a furnace, purified seven times over. Psalms 12:6 (NLT)

just in case, someone is doubting the validity of those Promises you know so well or you may have heard a thousand times.

I love you guys!!!

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