If God’s Love is an Ocean, then we’re all sinking…💕💜

Heyyy guys!!! So last week Thursday was Valentine, aka Single Awareness Day🤣. How did you spend your Valentine?

As for me, I went to class and our association hosted the Valentine Special and even though it wasn’t a crazy party hangout, it was a very wonderful event and I’m just glad I was a part of it. Here’s the cake

NSChE stands for the Nigerian Society of chemical Engineering and I’m the General secretary/Admin Officer of my school’s chapter😊

Then I came back to my hall after cleaning up and stuff and bought two plates of food, one full of rice and the other full of pepper soup with a whole catfish in it…In my mind, I had to have self love because to be honest, I wasn’t celebrating valentine.

So I’m boasting to my roommate about how I’m loving myself and how I don’t need any cake from a boy to make me feel loved when I mistakenly poured my peppersoup. Man, I felt like dying😥…and then I was going to buy cold zobo only to find out it had finished. I was just pained anyhow that day😅…

But that’s not where I’m getting to… In my mind I was walking back home thinking about the people who were going to feel loved that day… Then again, I thought of the people that were going to not receive love at all and who after looking through Instagram that night, would sleep believing that no one loved them or cared for them.

ohh!!!If only they knew…

It’s so painful to know that so many people have never let themselves bask in the unconditional love of God. Worse still, it’s more painful knowing that some people don’t know anything about this love to begin with. Some people don’t know that someone actually sees past their mistakes and who they are or who they have been and still loves them recklessly. There’s this gospel song I know by Aity:

I have seen another kind of love,

Not at all like the love, the love of the world, people love you whenever you are good,

Or if there is something special, that you can do,

If they know your past or your worst mistakes, they’ll just turn around and walk away and leave you with scars…

But he loves me x3

In a way that I can’t explain, I didn’t have to deserve it. He loves me, just as I am…

Like this song is a whole Blogpost on its own. No one can fully understand how deep, high, wide God’s love is. But when you begin to become conscious of the fact that somebody loves you so much enough to die for you, you’ll stop running to the world and start running to Him. You’ll no longer wait for someone else to love you or complete you, because God has already given you an identity out of that love that he has freely given you.

I mean, you can’t even separate yourself from that love, so who are you even kidding? Your depression, your pain, your hurt can never separate you from the love so please can you for once just stop letting the world be louder than His voice?

Can you like just dump all that baggage at the foot of the cross and exchange it for His own yoke that is light?

I get that we all want to feel loved and there are times when the loneliness hits so hard it almost kills you…but can you like just embrace that love and start running to God?

If God’s love is an ocean, then we are all sinking in it…you can’t escape it so why not start to embrace him?

learn from my spilled pepper soup story,

Today, forget about Jimmy, forget about Michael, forget about Dayo, forget about Emmanuel, forget about Elle, forget about Ife, forget about Princess, forget about Everyone for a minute and use that time to embrace the overwhelming and reckless love of God… Let me even shock you, scrap that self love. No, self love is great and all but i just want to let you know that you could never love yourself up to half as much God loves you, so at the end it still boils down to the unconditional love of God and that was my lesson from my spilled pepper soup. Because at the end of the day, it was my prayers and the peace of God that made me happy, and not the catfish or pepper soup.

Prayer: God, please help me to always be conscious of your love towards me and help me to keep running to you all the days of my life, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

I know this is not a new thing but today, especially today… i want to let you all know that i love you very much.❤💋

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