Mountains Over Clouds…🌋🌨

Heyyy guys!!!! How are you doing?? As for me, I’m in school. I’ve been here for more than a week now. See, I told you life was happening and for me it’s school and stuff…

How’s life happening for you?😌

That’s how last week took a toll on me. I had to settle in, I had already missed a full week week, and due to the holiday and all, I didn’t get a lot of planning done at home so I used last week to rearrange myself.

I spent a lot of time giving myself a pep talk this weekend…last week was quite overwhelming, I don’t know if it was because I just resumed or just because…I don’t know… I felt like there were huge, thick dark blue clouds following me everywhere. I had anxiety attacks (that point where you’re sick with worry about not just the next day, but the next second)…I was practically a walking scarecrow. The devil used that weak time in my life to awaken those lies, lies I thought I had banished a long time ago. I felt totally miserable and my worry level increased to like a 100%.

So many of you don’t know, I entered last year with a major depression, feeling like a complete failure and stuff like that…Let’s just say it took the grace of God to set me free from all that.

Well, God being so inexplicably full of mercy, made me realize through some people that I needed to work on my faith… Most times, the reason why we give ourselves to worry and anxiety is not because we don’t believe God can do it, it’s because we don’t believe God will do it. I think that’s the greatest lesson I learnt last week and also to just keep praying with Faith,no matter how things seem.

You know why?

Because, Jesus, who is extremely incapable of lying, already told us that if we had faith, if we believe, we could tell the mountains to move and they would…

So, I made this decision…I would always choose having faith able to move mountains, rather than giving myself to anxiety that makes thick huge blue clouds hover over me.

I choose Mountains over clouds. (Faith over worry) and I’m going to work so hard on faith this year that this no longer becomes a choice for me and I hope that we all can do the same.

I love you guys💕

P.s: I’m starting my holiday diaries soon. I should have started with this post but I felt the Holy Spirit wanted someone to read this particular blog post. I’d tell you to anticipate, but I don’t think that’s necessary. It’s just my village there not the abroad😂

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