Guess what? We’re one now!!!💃💥

Hey guys!!! I’m super excited!!! ‘Life As We Know It’ is officially one today!!!!

Before I begin with the talk talk, let us just take two seconds of our time and say a sincere ‘thank you Jesus’ for bringing us this far…

We done???

Okay so I can begin: Around this time last year, I said screw it and picked up my tab, opened this blog and started writing and writing and now we’re freaking here. Like we’ve come this far…

For me, there’s nothing in the world quite like picking up a pen or a keyboard and writing away, what’s on my mind, what’s happening, what I’m imagining, what I’m feeling. Writing is my own secndnture(a Jordyn Woods sth).

I said it before, I kept all my writings to myself (lots of short stories, four and a quarter novels and so many write ups, journal entries and of course, reports which don’t count here😒)

But this blog is different and it means the freaking world to me😭😭😭.

When I was still doing CIT (a Friday night course), I would come back to my room depressed because I sucked terribly at it and I barely ever got to submit my work…Then I would lay on my bed and write the post for the week, downloading the ideas I made throughout the day for it, before I even removed my clothes or touched my food and after clicking publish, oh the joy!!!😌 Mr. Kilanko’s (CIT lecturer) face fades away from my mind like condensed milk…

Which reminds me, when last did I take that stuff???

Too much emotional talk😁. Though, by now you must have gotten used to it. The mushiness will always be a part of me😊.

Shout out to: (Highest Commenters)

Adura: My day one person and still the highest commenter on this blog💕 Thank you so much😊💜 You’ve been so good to us

Ally: where have you been girl??? Thanks love

Ochuko: she’s legit the most supportive person I know and she won’t ever lack support. She was the first ever person to visit me when I got to the university and she’s living proof family isn’t just by blood alone. She’s a freaking vibe on her own…

Zainab: I love you teddy💕 and I think it’s high time you told me the meaning of your comments😏

Jerome: Bestie💖…everyday’s a freaking epistle with you

Fioyin: you just learnt about this blog yesterday? And you’re on the list… You’re friggin’ incredible, love💕

And That’s all for top 6. Hey, WordPress gave me this list so it’s not a favoritism stuff.

Shoutout (My Propellers)

I won’t write an epistle on all of them because there’s too much to write…these people keep pushing me and making suggestions and frequently ask about this blog, I wish I could do more for them really.


That’s my sister(the bigger one, mind you)!!!! My number one girl. I love you so so^100 much💕

Matims: My brother and answerer to all things technical. Admin for life💕 For the record, I have the best brothers in the world.

Uche: My cousin, the day I opened the blog…she kept on laughing at all the weird names I brought out. Rubbish girl slept off by the time I got the perfect name😂


the first ever author on this blog besides me…you’re one in a million girl

Keren: Fake, awesome sis💕

To everyone on this blog, the entire WordPress community and most importantly my reader friends, irrespective of who you are or where you come from, I, Scarlett (Princess), the second owner of this blog (God is the first😊), am thankful for all you have done and all you will continue to do for me on this blog.

Who is chopping onions here?😢😭

I love you guys from the bottom of my heart💖

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