A Letter To My 2019 Self…😌🙎

Hello guys!!! So I read Bayance‘s Blogpost of her reacting to her letter to her 2018 self and I loved it and so I decided to be a copycat and write a letter to my 2019 self… I actually advice you guys to do this because well, why not? (I actually forgot the reason i wanted to give😅 and damn, it made a lot of sense). Ohhh, I think i was going to say for growth reasons or so.

Damn! Don’t you hate it when you come up with something so smart only to forget it in a few seconds?😡 The devil is a liar ooo.

It might actually be fun reading this next year so here goes…

Hey future me😁,

How are you doing Imababa?

Did you add weight? because I know you have body vision 2019. How far your CGPA now?👍 I hope you gave the post as the Gen Sec of NSChE your all? How’s ‘Life As We Know It’?

Your prayer life nko? I hope you were able to complete your WAH this time around? Tell me you became more active in your service unit or give yourself a knock.

On a scale of one to ten, how disorganized are you? And don’t you dare lie to me, cos I’m you and I’ll catch you.😂

Did you make new friends? Did you lose old ones? Did you find a way to see your Pacific friends? I know how much you miss them.

Did you find love again?😭💔

How do you feel now that you are done with report writing? I know how much you hate discussion of result, you must have rolled on the ground after writing your last discussion😹😹😹… I hope you are not owing anyone birthday gift again, yeye girl?😒

I hope you never stopped caring for people even when you were at your busiest and when it was hard for you? I hope you now honestly understand that the world isn’t what you think it is? Did you constantly give thanks to God for his mercy?


After all the worry worry, did you die?😏

Yours selfly,


Gosh, I can’t wait to react to this letter. Do me a favour guys and remind me to react to this next year because I’m not sure I’ll remember it.

I love you guys💕

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