Cups Of Cold Water…

Hello loves, compliments of the season!!!

In the Spirit of Christmas, I just want to talk a bit about being kind, nice and caring to people. Sometimes we think it’s okay to be mean to people, but I’ll tell you, it’s not okay…

The way the world works, it’s seems much easier to live for yourself and yourself alone, to do things to benefit only you, but it really isn’t. We should all try as much as possible to get over ourselves and help others. As shitty as you think your life is, people are living even more shitty lives and that is why we should never stop caring about people.

Be Nice To People

This is one major thing my mother has always thought me and this is one major thing I will teach my children. Not trying to boast but there’s this feeling I get when I help people. It’s like when people are happy, I’m happy and it’s a very wonderful feeling. Seriously, if everyone makes an effort to do good every now and then, think of the loves that would have been touched?

There’s the song that we used to sing in my Junior school:

Cups of cold water given in Jesus’ name

Cups of cold water, they are never given in vain

Someday in Heaven when we meet the Lord,

Each deed of kindness will bring a rich reward.

This song pretty much sums it up. Whatever way you help others, it can never ever be in vain. You make Jesus happy because that was the underlining element of his life on earth. He loved to help others and we should too.

What is your cup of cold water? What is that one thing you can do to help people, to bring smiles to faces? You can start this festive season. Give to people, whatever you can, I assure you it will never be in vain.

Of course, your cup of cold water doesn’t have to be material. It could be a nice gesture like a smile. The next time you see that lonely person in your class who’s always looking like they are going through stuff, a nice smile or a short friendly conversation could go a long way.

I guess all I’m trying to say is that you don’t need to have the world to change lives. Start giving out your cups of cold water now!!!

With love, Scarlett💖

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