Overfamiliarity: where is the fire?…😔😟

Sitting in Chapel last Sunday made me remember Pastor Eric Bapetel and the day he came to my church when I was much younger.

Heads up: I attend two churches, one is living faith Church which I attend because of school but my main church is Realm of Glory Church. So to avoid confusion, I’ll refer to my school church as chapel and my church as church.

I really don’t mean to sound judgemental in this post but in service on Sunday, I felt suffocated. Seven weeks ago, our new chaplain came and everyone was like “wow, he’s wonderful and funny and all” and now we’re like “oh well, whatever”… We didn’t literally say the last part but…😼

The Sunday before was a worship service and there was a massive revival, people were getting healed and freed and the spirit was just flowing. With that mindset, I came to Chapel this past Sunday, all expectant (for another revival among students) but at the end of the day, I found myself asking, where is the fire?

The fact that people were being casual about the service, made me feel so bad. I’m also guilty because I dozed off a lot of times.There was so much noise and no one was praying, I won’t lie, I felt really weird praying and the only reason I felt encouraged to pray was that I was serving and when I closed my eyes, I imagined the noise I was hearing was every other person praying. But it shouldn’t be this way and I’m saying this, not to sound self righteous but to use this post to tell everyone that over familiarity is the major thief of our blessings. Pastor Eric was saying it that day, I was very young then so I didn’t really to understand but now I do.

Wherever we are, at church or home,we should try to honour the presence of God. Don’t be casual or indifferent, there’s absolutely nothing cool about it. Imagine the scenario, you’re in chapel and the person beside you is praying and then you’re indifferent, not praying and just casually look around, an angel passes by. Who do you think is going to get the blessings? Think about it

Where is the fire?

I’m saying this passionately because it really disturbs me. One day, my pastor in church said something while we were worshipping,

“It’s not about you or what you want”

Get lost in God, don’t ever feel it’s stressful or uncool to be on fire for God. He loves you and he just wants you to give him all your love. Be on fire and start burning for him. Don’t see any service or church activity as a normal event because it’s not.

This is just the beginning of a series…the Holy Spirit has been nudging me to talk about this so I’m just going to obey.

On a much lighter note, this is my birth month and I’ll be 18 on the 20th of October.😄. So start preparing your gifts. Also my country turned fifty eight this Monday and I’m so happy because I know God is taking us to greater heights and this country will shine again.

Happy new month guys (forgive my manners)😉

I love youuuuuuuu!!!!💗💖

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