What’s been going on in my life…😌🤓

I’m posting after two weeks again. I’m a terrible person, I know😣. Guys please just forgive me.😩

First of all, I just want to use this medium to celebrate the life of my three daddies; my biological daddy and first love😍💟 (Mr. Mfonobong Thomas Ubong), and my two spiritual fathers (Abraham Sam Aiyedogbon and Bishop Oyedepo)… They all celebrated their birthdays this month and I can’t help but be grateful to God for giving them to me. I am truly the luckiest. I love them so so much, they have really made me who I am today. God tried for me😇.

So what’s been happening in my life?

  • My school is currently at the top😄

Okay I know this just happened on Wednesday but oh my!!! I can’t freaking be calm about this. My school is now the best freaking University in Nigeria and has now currently reached the world ranking. The world like tf? 😊I’m amazed and I truly hope that I can complete this testimony. I’m proud of my school. The black man has been written off for so many years but now there’s a liberation mandate going on and covenant university is the arrowhead!!!

  • I fell sick

So guys, I was terribly sick last week😊. I was diagnosed with malaria 2 pluses. Can you imagine? I was useless to myself and I cried like a baby but I thank God I’m fine now.

  • Tests, assignments, reports on my freaking table.

Last week left me so disoriented and behind on schoolwork, I don’t want to say I’m a mess so I’ll just say I need prayers.

  • I’m suddenly allergic to milk and noodles

I’m confused ooo…like where the hell is this coming from? Since I recovered, I haven’t been able to eat well, like everything just irritates me but more notably milk and noodles.🙄

Guys this is not life o, aswear! 🤢Like how is a freaking broke student supposed to survive without taking cereals or noodles. How am I supposed to take cereals without milk? I took frosties with just one sachet of dano milk and I kept decanting every spoon of frosties. At the end of the miserable meal, I poured the milk away. I couldn’t even eat festo or take milky candy without feeling like throwing up. I threw my chicken away. I really hope this is a phase, because what’s a student without cereals and noodles?🤧😅

  • I’m trying something new and big, something I’ve wanted to do but never really thought I could do. It’s too early to fill you guys in, but I promise you’ll be one of the first to know.😀

I haven’t totally figured my life out yet and I know I’m a far cry from who I want to be, but I sure can’t wait to see what God had planned out for me because in the end my plans don’t matter…only His.😃

Get yourself a Jesus today!!!! And yes, I’m a Jesus rep.

Tell me guys, how has life been going for you. I really want to know more about you guys and what’s up in your life. Don’t forget, I’m always there for you whenever you need to talk.🙂

My IG @fair.scarlett 🌸

My email scarlettubong@gmail.com

I would give you my number but nahhh…😜

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💟

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