I never Learn My Lesson…🤦😅

I missed you guys so much!!!😊 I hope you all have had an amazing week and I pray you’ll have an even more amazing weekend.

As you might have guessed, last week was very crazy for me! I had to submit a very long report and I was already running out of time, I couldn’t spare any time to write here, or even edit any of my drafts. That report really drained my time and energy🙍. I’m so sorry guys.😣

Today, I’m not really saying much…I just have a short story. Just this week, I was sitting with a girl in my service unit during chapel service and then a friend of mine came and told me to watch her bag for her. I told the girl I was sitting beside to pass me the bag. She held the bag with her left hand to pass to me and I don’t know how it happened but somehow the pen in her right hand went right into my eyes (not the writing point, but the other end with the cover on it). I felt it hit my eye. I felt so much pain and at that point I was sure I had lost that eye.😵

Even the girl realized his serious it was and she kept telling me she was sorry with fear. But to the glory of God, I opened my eyes and not a single drop of blood was coming out😋. I was shocked beyond words and I’m pretty sure she must have been too. I still felt the pain but it was nothing serious. After service, I analyzed the whole scene again and concluded that there was no way that my eyes would have been intact if I didn’t serve a living God💪. In fact, I’m so grateful and I’m thankful for the gift of sight.

My life these past weeks has been so stressful and unstable and at so many points I have given in to fear and anxiety. Time and again God always finds a way to prove Himself and embarrass my anxiety but I still never learn my lesson. Sometimes, I forget to be still and know that He is God and that is just terrible of me. I mean, I could have been blind in one eye but I’m not😸. In fact, I’m perfectly fine.

Today is a wake up call for me and the billion other people in this world that battle with unnecessary anxiety. It simply shouldn’t be. Sometimes, I think I have that unshakeable trust in God but the truth is that, I sometimes let my anxiety get ahead of it all. At times, I stop in my tracks and I cry and complain about how my life is not going like I planned it too and how much I’m a far cry from the person I want to be. Sometimes, I feel like my life is going too fast and I have no control over it. I didn’t accept the fact that I totally have no control of my life and that post has been filled by Someone much more capable.

I was talking to a friend yesterday and she said a lot of things that kept me thinking. Like no part of our lives is out of God’s scope for us. Last last, our lives will still play out the way he wants it to and for every one problem we have, he provides lots and lots of ways out of it. If only we’ll be willing to trust him about everything. I made my resolve today, that I will always trust my Maker, no matter the problem that threatens to throw my life out of balance and you should too…This is what God has to tell you today.

I never Learn my lesson but best believe I will this time around.☺

Goodbye sweethearts, Scarlett loves you💞💖

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