Our Jerusalem…😭🇳🇬

It hasn’t even been up to a day since my last post was published, and here I am, writing on the same subject matter. Before I start, I should warn you that there are pictures here and a video and they can be really disturbing, so please if you can’t stand it, please don’t go any further.

Yesterday, a tanker carrying fuel exploded on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, a very major road, and people died. Bodies were burnt and right now, everyone is shook. Here is a video of the disastrous incident that took so many lives:

My heart is heavy, I’m sad, and so are all the Nigerians. In just one week, people have died in so many ways.

It could have been avoided. For God’s sake, tankers aren’t even supposed to be on the road except between 12am-4am. I mean, who the hell enforces these laws?

More than 30 cars have been destroyed, imagine the amount of people that would have been in them. Not to talk of the buses, which would have been carrying at least ten passengers each. And oh, did I forget to mention that a bus carrying school children was on that road too?

If we didn’t need prayers before, we sure as hell need them now. In just one week, we have been through a lot. Right now, we need Jesus, we need to pray for protection and every waking day, we should thank him for our lives, because life is not a right, it is a privilege. We have been attacked from all sides and we can’t do anything else, except pray. We need these prayers now, more than ever. Nigeria is our Jerusalem and we should pray for her. Even if you aren’t a Nigerian, I beg of you, please pray for us. We need the prayers now more than ever.

I still can’t think straight. I’m hurting inside but I know there’s still hope for us. We have to just watch and pray. #PrayForNigeria

God bless Nigeria, our Jerusalem…

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