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I was actually contemplating not rewriting this post but I know y’all will kill me since I did not write last week as well and about that, I’m really sorry but hey! Remember I warned you that school has a way of choking you up and last week was one of those times, not to mention the fact that I was ill, which is a very strange occurrence for me.🤢

Anyways, I hope y’all didn’t miss me too much (though that’s quite impossible) and I hope your week has been going just fine😀.

So guys today, I’m going to be talking about the movie Hacksaw Ridge and mind you, this is not a movie review.

You’ve probably never heard of Desmond Doss, a US army medic who saved the lives of 75 men in the battle of Okinawa without the use of a single weapon and was awarded the Medal Of Honor, America’s highest award for courage. Or maybe you have.

I know I Haven’t (shoot me🔫), until a few weeks ago. But seriously that movie left me in tears

Thank God for the movie Hacksaw Ridge, because I actually got to understand a lot about the life of Desmond Doss and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed😳. That’s even an understatement. I’m in love 💖 with him (not the way you’re probably thinking). I mean, I just admire him.

Being as wise as I am, I did not just watch the movie for watching sake because I was actually able to bring out five truths I learned from the movie and I’m going to share them with you today:


You know what, I like the fact that this movie gave us a picture of the person Desmond Doss and what he was like I’m the movie and in case you were wondering, he lit.💥

In a particular scene, Desmond Doss is seen working in the church (probably some repairs) and at the same time making the ladies in the choir laugh over something he said. Then he hears someone screaming and he immediately rushes to help a boy who had been injured badly.

I didn’t have to get to the part in the movie where he started saving lives of men on the battleground to know that Desmond always came third to Desmond. He served God first and then others before himself. And that’s the kind of life we should live, we should always live a selfless, i-will-always-come-third kinda life and maybe then you’ll realize your life isn’t so empty after all.

You can serve God either financially (tithes, offerings, seeds) or physically (like Desmond did or telling people about Jesus) but please just don’t do nothing. You can serve others by making efforts to bring smiles to faces😀, hope to the broken🙍 and showing love to people, no matter who they are and who you are. You know, living a life of service can be very satisfying and liberating.

And just because I know some people will be like the movie may have over hyped Desmond’s personality, I went through the internet and saw that a lot of people had a lot of nice things to say about him. They wouldn’t waste their time to say such things now, would they?


I won’t waste time on this point. I just want you to know is that no matter where you go, who you become, your country will always be your root. You could get naturalized in another country, but you can’t naturalize your blood.

Desmond Doss could have chosen to stay at home and work on the ships or something, because he was allowed to do so. Instead, he decided to leave and fight for his country to the best of his abilities. You have so much to offer to your country and so you just have to resolve to serve your country to the best of your abilities like Desmond.


I’m too shy. If I talk now, they will shut me up. It’s better for me to just go with what they are all saying and avoid embarrassment. I’ll look stupid. They’ll pick on me if I dare to argue.

You know what, Bullsh!t

You all have ideas, you have things you want to contribute, you have certain views about life and you don’t want to speak out because what?

Well, take a look at Desmond.

I’m very sure it must have been hard to be a conscientious objector in the midst of everyone, to be beaten, insulted and even thrown to jail because of his beliefs. Yet when he had the chance to save his life and plead guilty in court, he chose instead to say:

There was a girl named Ochuko in my high school and there was one thing everyone knew her for: her ability to stand up for her beliefs. Sometimes it seemed annoying but deep down I always admired her and the fact that no one could mess with her because they knew she wouldn’t keep still. I remember taking her to my principal’s office to talk about something with him. Immediately she opened her mouth to start talking, my principal agreed with her with a face of resignation. The poor guy couldn’t deal. I was amazed! (Uggghh! I just made someone’s head swell but oh well).😊

Where was I?

Oh Desmond. Which takes me to the next truth.


This one is pretty simple. After all was said and done, Desmond chose to forgive everyone who had mocked him and made his life hell. He didn’t stick it to them after saving all their lives and instead he chose to forgive and to lead the others.

Forgiveness is pretty hard, but you know what else is hard? Waking up every morning to the possibility of new things some of which may not be pleasant but still you do it anyway.

You can do hard things, so forgiveness, why not?💁


It was in the moment when Desmond chose to go back to battleground full of dangers to save dying people when his friends were fleeing, that I knew he was very mad!!! But not the bad kind of mad, because some people can like to misquote me. My point is he knew God was talking to him and he didn’t resist. He kept on going back and pulling more dying men back to safety. Throughout the night, he kept pulling and throughout the night, he kept on telling God “Just one more” repeatedly. I’m sure that God must have been amazed and deeply pleased with him. He even saved a Japanese soldier and i was shocked but oh well, he had already said that while everyone was taking life, he would be saving it. And he ended up pulling not 10, not 20 but 75 men out of the battleground.

My cousin said something I will never forget while we watched and I prayed that prayer.

Lord, please help me not to chicken out when it is time for me to do your will

Because there are some times when God tells you to do something crazy and it seems better to ignore but I’m warning you, don’t!

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that if Desmond hadn’t turned back when God told him to, we would have never heard of him. There would be no movie, no Wikipedia page dedicated to him.

That single act of obedience to God’s will made people respect him that the men wouldn’t even return to the battleground until he had finished praying. Wow what a guy. I love him.

And now, I guess I have written a whole sermon and I have to end it.

Till next week, guys!

I love you💞💖

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