Ace It…Wrapping It Up With The Confidence Story😎

Hey guys😀!!! I have some great News for you guys…well it may not be great to you but it is for me

Guess who’s done with her exams? 🙋Yeah baby that’s me. I’m finally going home after being in school for three months, twenty one days and I couldn’t be any happier. I’m sitting on my bed, waiting for the morning to come so I can just go…

Since I’m done with my exams, it’s only logical I wrap up my ‘Ace It’ series. I know many of you are still writing exams and I can only hope that you apply all what I’ve been saying for the past one month. I just want everyone to pass and I hope you guys are ready to pay the price because no matter how high the price of success is, it will always be less than the cost of failure.

To just wrap it up, I’m talking about this issue of confidence. Exams can really be draining and not just mentally but emotionally. For me, confidence has been a big issue since I got into Uni but now I guess I have it figured out.

So how do you maintain your calm and be confident throughout the exam period and after?

  • In all things, give thanks…

This has been the theme of our teaching series in school for this month. Some times, you may have read a lot but the exam still shits you up. For many of us the next thing we do is to cry, weep, whine and just complain. Some of us even get angry at God. Since you tried your best, couldn’t he have just come to your aid during the exam?

But friends, that’s not the way. Throughout the exam period I maintained a heart of gratitude. There were some papers I had problems with but I didn’t think about all that. After my papers, I would go to the chapel to say thank you Jesus. It’s a common thing to do in my school after papers and maybe that’s why the students in my school are rated the best in the country. You didn’t answer one question out of three, so? Why don’t you just thank God for the remaining two you wrote. There was this girl in final year that couldn’t even remember her name and Matric number in the exam hall and even though she finally got her memory back and was able to write, it makes me more grateful. At the very least, you could remember your name and you could write it down. Thank him for that.

If you thank God for his finger, he will give you his hand…

Forget about the fact that the exam was tough. Forget that it was not what you expected. How about you just thank a little time to thank Him. You really don’t know what God can do. When you thank Him, he can make the lecturers blind to your mistakes. He can even make the lecturer so impressed with the little you wrote that it would cover up for the ones you didn’t write. I’m saying this because it has happened to me countless of times.

Some of you may have heard of the story of the girl who wrote total rubbish in her external exams and the lecturer couldn’t mark it. Instead he drew two question marks on her answer script and went on to mark the others. However, when he was recording, he mistook the two question marks he drew for 77 because of the girl’s extremely neat handwriting and that was how the girl got an automatic A.

Do you think it’s normal for a well educated examiner to mistake two question marks drawn by him for 77? Of course not. I’m hundred percent sure it wasn’t because of her impeccable handwriting as well. I’m very sure the girl engaged in the mystery if Thanksgiving. Perhaps she knew she didn’t do well, yet she thanked God for the rubbish she wrote and looked how that turned out. Please guys, you have to engage in thanksgiving no matter what happens, because praise is a kingdom mystery.

  • Stay away from unnessary talks

I really hate talking to people after the exams. It really lowers your self esteem. If anyone asks me how my paper was, I always say, “it was fine, I thank God” nothing more, nothing less. Because I realised that people like to say too much after the exam and they make others feel bad even if they don’t mean to. Last semester, I was so sure of an answer but when I got out, the first thing I heard was one girl shouting the answer and it turned out I was wrong. You can imagine the damage it did to me, ten whole marks for that matter! So I just basically like to run away from such situations. I don’t care which of my friends is talking or whether I’m sure of my answer or not. You’ll never catch me dead arguing about the answer or asking anyone what their answer was. I don’t want to know. I’ve written the exam and there’s no way I can collect my answer script to change the answer. So why bother giving myself such a hard time?💁

  • Last minute reading

Yeah yeah, I know some if you are already rolling your eyes. Like what does this Princess girl think she’s talking about? But…I’ll still tell you anyway. Last minute isn’t actually your best bet. It’s okay to revise what you’ve read a few minutes before the exam but it is extremely dangerous to read a totally new thing or topic before the exams. You just have to trust that the ones you know will be the ones that will come out. Reading something entirely new can make the ones you know to leave your head. Because you’re anxious, trying to get a thing or two from a topic and then by the time you sit down in the exam hall, you’ve forgotten the ones you know and the rest becomes history. I know some people, including me, will not heed to this advice, well…

  • You are not the examiner

Raise your hands if you are guilty of this…who the hell do we think we are? Adding up our expected scores after the exam or even during the exam, like me…It’s wrong and I’ve always known it but still sometimes I can’t help it but this exam was different. It’s so tempting but we have to understand that we are not the examiners…we may see our works, with the mistakes and all, but the examiner only sees what God lets him see and that’s the truth. It is important that you understand this

  • Be diligent

There’s this confidence that you get after reading well…I won’t say more than that because I believe I’ve said enough about this for the past one month. It should be ringing in your ears by now…

  • Finally, there is nothing to be afraid of

There is actually nothing to be afraid of. It is just an exam and if you apply my words of wisdom, I’m very sure that you will excel. There is no need for panic attacks, excessive fear or anxiety. You have what it takes to succeed so I suggest that you begin to put it to good use. Always remember that no matter how high the price of success is, It is always less than the cost of failure.

So guys, I hereby come to the end of my ‘Ace It!’ series. It’s time to stop being serious.

With that, I’m off to enjoy my much deserved holiday.

Love you much.💟

P.s I’m sorry this post didn’t come up on time…been busy sorting out my departure issues.

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