Ace It…How my friends and I Played Ourselves In Our Exams Yesterday😞😖🤦.

Hello guys!!! Guess what? I’m done with the scariest part of my exams and I’m more than relieved💆. In case you are curious, they were all good. Well…

I planned to talk about my reading techniques today but I won’t be doing that as you must have guessed from the title. Something happened today during my GEC 223 exams and I just can’t help but share it with you. If you are on my contact list, I can bet you already know part of the story, but I can assure you, that wasn’t all of it.

I want to start by saying that all my courses are important to me and I don’t think any of my courses are irrelevant. I don’t want it to seem otherwise because of the things I’ll say in the next few paragraphs.

Our Lecturer…

Okay so, our lecturer is a bit volatile and unpredictable. I’ll tell you how. Before our first test, he told us that the test was going to be theory and that we were going to write a lot and draw a lot of diagrams. He even gave us a theory based classwork in which he gave us little time to complete. Because of that, we knew he meant business and we weren’t about to play with our test scores for anything. We came prepared on the day of the test, read all we could. Yet, on that day, we were greeted with objective questions which were as a matter of fact, very simple. It was very disappointing, considering the amount of effort we put into studying for the test. However, we didn’t mind. No knowledge is lost, right?😊 The same happened with test two and we cleared it effortlessly like we did with the first test💪.

Also, he gave us a project to design a model of something and he told us that it would contribute greatly to our examination. He warned us that it was very compulsory and our exam scores would suffer greatly if we didn’t do it. Because of that, we all hurried to do the assignment and submit during the next class. But when we got to class, he didn’t even ask us for the assignment. It was so annoying and it led us to believe that he couldn’t be trusted.

So of course, when he told us our exam would be theory, we didn’t believe him. We couldn’t be fooled again. So we took his tip with a pinch of salt, laughing 😂.

How We Prepared For The Exam

Being the FBI agents that we are, we discovered a lot of past objective questions and we began to read them. Some people ticked the right answers and the rest of us crammed them, very sure that the exam questions would just be a combination of all the previous past questions. We were ready to nail the exam, just like we did with the tests.

What Happened The Day Of The Exam

That morning, my closest friend and I arrived at the exam venue like two hours before the time so we could cram some more. The truth is that we would have read more but we hadn’t slept for the past few days due to the hard exams we took then. Since we assumed the exam would be OBJ, we didn’t bother to stay up to read. We just relied on the time we had to do a final revision and cram some more. Others joined us soon and we were all reading and sharing answers.

10 minutes to the start of our exam…

My other closest friend, bursts into the class we were in and shouts, “Princess, the exam is theory!!!”. Everyone stood up and some of us went to investigate. Truly, we saw the invigilator carrying our answer booklets. That moment we knew we were doomed. We went from this,

To this,

To this,

All my course mates were like,

But what could we do? What magic could we perform in order to download a whole semester’s work into our brains? I know some of you would disagree that we weren’t ready, I know you’ll probably say we could use our objective oriented knowledge to answer the theory questions but you know it’s not the same thing. You know you’re more relaxed when it comes to reading for an obj exam than theory. We all became traumatized and I’m not exaggerating🙅. My CGPA flashed before my eyes👀 and I knew instantly that we had all played ourselves.

We just had to go in the hall and trust God. I prayed and prayed and prayed. I cried too😭. I mean, no one wants to fail💁. We wrote our names on the answer booklets and when they shared the questions, I didn’t even wait for the examiner to tell us to start. My aim was to just start writing the little I was able to learn before entering but when I turned it, I was so shocked to find that the questions were obj. I literally screamed in the hall😀. The invigilator announced that we were to return our answer booklets immediately. Everyone was smiling and we gladly accepted our OMR sheets for the obj. I have honestly never felt that relieved or joyous in my entire life💃💃.

After the exam,

We celebrated! People came out singing, smiling, shouting and I was among them.

Was It a prank from the lecturer or just a mistake from the exam office?

We’ll never know and frankly, I don’t care. My exam went well and I know that I, along with my course mates will pass I’m flying colours.

So why all this gist?

I decided to share this to tell you never to be this foolish. Study well for each of your exams. Don’t ever let yourself be blindsided for any reason. I tell you, being in the same position my friends and I were in, I don’t wish for any of you to go through that. Always be PREPARED. Don’t play yourself like we did.


You must know that God got you! I was fidgeting for no reason. When I got to my room after the exam, I was ashamed of the way I panicked because there was no way God would have let me come to the exam hall without prompting me to read very well if there was really going to be a theory exam.

But still, I am very grateful to God because the exam could have been very bad. I mean, I was 0% prepared for the theory! I’m still shaking but in all things I’ll give thanks.

So guys, this is the story of how I played myself in my exams. I will never make that mistake again. Please let me know what you think of this post, I’d really like to know.

Bye guys, see you next week!

Maybe then, I’ll get around to telling you my study techniques.

Or maybe something very interesting will happen next week again (just not with my exams, I pray🙏).

Who knows?😆

Love you guys💖

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